1920s Radio Show


Every history teacher likes to hear the comment, “That is so crazy, I did not know that!” in their classroom. That was what I heard in my AP US History class at Klein Collins last week as the students worked their way through creating and producing their very own 1920s radio broadcasts (or podcasts, as they like to refer to them now. “Radio is so yesterday, Ms. Thompson!”).

Students were given the assignment to create a 1920s broadcast filled with political issues, social trends, popular language, arising technology, musical numbers, and advertisements in a 20-minute format. Students researched, organized, and recorded amazing projects filled with “phone-in” questions, “on-the-spot” reporting, and in-studio interviews.

Students actually already have the tools to create this at their fingertips. We had the students use Audacity (a program on their tablets) to record and edit their show. They then used Google Draw to create their radio call sign and save it as an image.  Students were then able to put the audio and image together in Movie Maker (which is another program on their tablet) and create their radio program. We used Media Albums in Schoology to allow students to share their creations with each other. Here are a few examples of students 1920s Radio Shows: NAIL4 and TGEL-4.

If you are interested in doing something like this with your students, contact the Digital Learning Department to get started.