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Metzler Chosen as 1 of 3 Schools in the World for Unique Honor

Metzler Chosen as 1 of 3 Schools in the World for Unique Honor

Metzler is making Visible Learning a reality, and because of this they were chosen by Corwin, an educational publishing company that works with John Hattie, as an international success story. Metzler is only one of three schools in the world chosen for this honor.

When Metzler Elementary Principal Lakita Combs attended a Visible Learning conference session five years ago, she immediately knew that this was something she wanted to implement at Metzler.

Visible Learning is the work of John Hattie whose research focuses on influences that impact student achievement. He wanted to know how students learn best. After years of research and analysis of over 250+ influences on student achievement, he was able to answer his question and, ultimately, find what makes the greatest impact.

Visible Learners know where they are in their learning, how they are doing, and where they are going next. They set learning goals, are reflective, and know when to seek help from peers. Teachers provide success criteria so learners understand what it means to be successful in their learning.

“We’ve heard teachers say, ‘Just tell me what to do, and I’ll do it,’ ” Combs said. “We are always looking in education for that silver bullet, and Hattie’s work says everything works. Now we know what works best.”

Combs is most impressed with how Metzler students, after five years of implementation, are owning their learning and are able to articulate their learning.

“Being recognized by Corwin as an international success story really validated the work that started 5 years ago,” assistant principal Stacey Vaglienty said. “All the hard work our teachers have done and all the hard work our students have done, it’s just remarkable and so exciting!”

Recently, Dr. Amanda March, educational consultant, visited Metzler to see what Visible Learning looks like on this campus. She spoke with teachers, parents, leadership, and student focus groups to gain insight into what was happening at Metzler. Dr. March will be writing a case study about Metzler to be used by John Hattie.

The visit was not only a time for Dr. March to learn about Visible Learning at Metzler, but a time for the Metzler Leadership Team to step back from the work and reflect on how far they have come.

Metzler Elementary is one of sixteen schools in Klein ISD on their journey with Visible Learning, and we can’t wait to hear more success stories!

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