The Magical Spell of Digital Breakouts

Horcruxes, round glasses, and elder wands, oh my!

There is something magical that happens when your class assignment becomes a problem-solving, web-based game rather than following the usual “question-correct answer-repeat” format. Digital Breakouts have become a favorite activity in the classroom because they help students with collaboration, team-building, and problem-solving skills all while learning essential standards. A digital breakout is an online, interactive puzzle where students use clues to crack multiple locks in a set amount of time. Teachers typically follow a format where they create a lockbox using a Google Form and then hide digital clues on a Google Site. Check out these digital breakout examples in Social Studies, ELA, Math, and Science.

Gamifying your lesson is an excellent way to engage students in the learning. Many students spend countless hours playing video games. Have you heard of Fortnite? They never want to set the video game controller down. Because of this, digital breakouts work well in the classroom. It takes something students are familiar with, like gaming, and infuses it with your content. So instead of trying to beat the boss to get to the next level, they’re solving puzzles you’ve created to get to the next level of learning. Our students are prepared to face the challenge, will you be?

With proper planning and some magical tips, tricks, and spells, we have learned along the way, your students will be breaking out before you know it! Are you ready to jump right in? Here is a step by step walkthrough.

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