Legislative Roundup: April 17


The 86th Texas Legislature will be in session from January 8 through May 27. It meets biennially, and the budget that the Texas Legislature sets is in place for two years.

The Texas Senate was scheduled to hear testimony related to House Bill 3 on April 16, but it has been postponed until a later date.

Two proposals, Senate Bill 1569 and Senate Bill 904, have gained the attention of teacher advocacy groups:

  • SB 1569 would prohibit any employee or contractor of a school district (not just the board of trustees) from electioneering which is currently defined as “advocating for or against a candidate, political party, or ballot measure.” The bill proposes to expand the legal definition of electioneering to also include “a political philosophy or matter of public interest.”
  • SB 904 would prohibit a person, political campaign, or advocacy group from sending emails to government-issued email addresses and doing so could lead to a $100 fine per email.

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