District and Community Team Meets to Discuss the State Accountability System


At their latest monthly meeting, the Klein Leadership Coalition (KLC) met to focus on the TEA state accountability system for schools.

KLC members engaged in a fun activity that explained the A-F accountability system and how it works.

In Klein ISD we believe…

  • The current A-F accountability system is not research-based, does not transparently synthesize a broad array of available success criteria, and is not an accurate representation of school or district performance.
  • Such a rating scale has shown to be highly detrimental to schools or districts with a high percentage of low socioeconomic students, as poverty is the single best predictor of low school performance.
  • The state accountability system should add value to students, teachers, schools, parents, and the community, and be based on multiple measures of student achievement and success, as well as locally defined criteria in areas deemed important to the community.

KLC members also learned the importance of making your voice heard and writing legislators thanking them for their support for Texas public schools.

To find out who represents you, click HERE.

We are so thankful for this incredible group of advocates and their support for our students, our schools, and our community!