The Air Force Junior ROTC instructors and cadets of Klein High School and Klein Forest High School earned an overall unit assessment score of “Exceeds Standards,” the highest rating attainable, during their evaluations in March 2019.  

The instructors provided outstanding leadership in administering the cadet-centered citizenship program. Master Sergeant Michael P. Fuentes, Lieutenant Colonel Timothy M. Lambert, and Senior Master Sergeant William Hardy created a dynamic and supportive learning environment coupled with excellent community outreach.

Klein Forest AFJROTC cadets in Washington D.C. earlier this year.

“The unit’s success is largely due to student ownership of a well-managed program,” Klein Forest SMSgt William Hardy said. “This combined with the school administration, instructor, and cadets enforcing the district’s motto—every student enters with a promise and exits with a purpose—daily has clearly made lasting impressions on all of the cadets in the unit as well as our Klein Forest community.”

The Klein High School and Klein Forest High School cadets performed exceptionally well during the evaluation and took great pride in leading and accomplishing their unit goals.

“Being a part of the Klein Forest AFJROTC has impacted me because it taught me how to handle responsibility,” Klein Forest sophomore and Cadet/2nd Lieutenant Amelia Baker said. “I’ve learned how to be a better leader, a better citizen, and a better student in the art of learning to aid my community.”


Klein High School AFJROTC after becoming repeat champions at a drill meet competing against 16 other schools from the area.

Klein High School AFJROTC Lt Col Lambert agrees that the AFJROTC programs are oftentimes where students learn to thrive and reflect on themselves in a way they haven’t before.


“They [cadets] learn that having self-confidence and trusting your teammates to have your back will take you a long way toward ultimate success,” Lt Col Lambert said. “The inspection showed the cadets how good they really are, and you could see their confidence boost as the inspection started going well.”

It is not the first time that the Klein High and the Klein Forest AFJROTC programs have received these outstanding ratings.

“The unit has performed exceptionally during its last three inspections; however, this year TX-953 exceeded their own expectation when it produced more than 17 Best Practices/Exceed Standard items during the evaluation,” Klein Forest AFJROTC SMSgt Hardy said. “The unit’s performance should be emulated by all AFJROTC units within the state and country.”

The Klein High and Klein Forest Air Force ROTC citizenship program is making a positive impact on the cadets, the school and the community. We are immensely proud of both of these units and hope that our community will join us in congratulating them on this exciting accomplishment.

The Klein Oak and Klein Collins AFJROTC programs will be evaluated next year. The Klein Cain JROTC, a new Army-based program in Klein ISD, will not be evaluated for another 4 years.