Legislative Roundup: May 1


The 86th Texas Legislature will be in session from January 8 through May 27. It meets biennially, and the budget that the Texas Legislature sets is in place for two years.

The Senate Education Committee voted to advance their comprehensive school finance reform proposal this week. The bill is moving forward as “HB 3,” but the committee substitute bill includes language from Senate Bill 4, the Senate’s school finance bill. The bill would increase the base funding for each Texas student, increase teacher pay, provide money for full-day preK for low-income students, and allow for long-term property tax relief.

Because the bill was “fast-tracked,” some members of the committee expressed concern about not thoroughly reviewing it before voting; however, they felt it was more important to see the bill move forward in the process. The full Senate will vote on the bill this Friday before it moves forward to conference committee with members of the House to work out differences between the two chambers’ approaches to school finance reform.

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