KISD SAT Ambassadors: College Board National Award Recipients


Seven total SAT Ambassadors from Klein have been honored with Gold Leaf status this year, and four of those students were selected for the “with distinction” honor. Nationally, only 7 students were awarded the SAT Ambassador Gold Leaf with Distinction, and incredibly, 4 of those were Klein students!

The Klein ISD Official SAT Practice Student Ambassador program gives students a unique opportunity to grow their leadership skills. This allows them to build knowledge for students and staff about the importance of college, the SAT, and making time for Official SAT Practice. The Klein SAT Ambassadors held a six-week PSAT/SAT Boot Camp on Saturdays in the fall to help prepare students for the college entrance exams. They recruited fellow students and, most importantly, their teachers to assist students as they worked through tests, learned about KhanAcademy, the Official SAT Practice Resource, and more!

Gold Leaf Status Ambassadors (only 25 students nationwide received this honor):

  • Klein High – Ryan McDonald, Educator Diane Jenkins
  • Klein Cain – Christopher Price, Educator Julie Shehata
  • Klein Forest – Vivian Nguyen, Niah Pham, Ezinne Iwaunyanwu, Educator Michelle Schiotis
  • Klein Oak – Ayobami Adereti, Katelynn Porras, Educator Tiffany Dzubin

Gold Leaf Status with Distinction (only 7 students nationwide received this honor):

  • Klein Cain – Christopher Price, Educator Julie Shehata
  • Klein Forest – Vivian Nguyen, Niah Pham, Ezinne Iwaunyanwu, Educator Michelle Schiotis

Aya Takemoto, SAT Ambassador Program Lead for the College Board commented:

“You guys really rocked it this year! Our reviewers were really taken by the work of your educators and students because of their commitment to the program, and the level of impact that they made on their campuses and communities.”

All Student Ambassadors can “level up” to Gold Leaf status in their Ambassadorship. Gold Leaf Ambassadors are nominated by their educators for going above and beyond their Ambassador duties by demonstrating initiative, strong skills in collaboration, organization, or leadership, and growth of character.

Students accepted for Gold Leaf status will receive national recognition, additional prizes, and become eligible for possible opportunities to present on national or regional College Board stages.

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