The Amazing AutoCrat Tool


Using Google Forms & Autocrat is a match merged in Heaven!

AutoCrat is a Google Sheets add-on tool that allows you to merge data from Google Sheets into Google Docs, PDFs, or even other Google Sheets using a template. It is like the Google version of mail merge in Microsoft Word, but much easier!

Some of the common uses of Autocrat include creating certificates, letters, rubrics, and permission slips. Recently, we used it in Klein to build community and send positive messages to fellow P2P Investors across the district with Awesome April Appreciations.

Learn how to use Autocrat at  

Want to learn from other educators on how they are using Autocrat for data tracking? Join us for Klein EMPOWER on June 7th for these two sessions below!

PresenterSession  NameSession Description
Charlotte Conner & Grace WhiteStudent Ownership Through Data Tracking & ConferencingEver wanted to know how to successfully implement student data tracking in your classroom? Come learn the subtle art of relinquishing teacher ownership to the students through student-teacher conferencing and data tracking using tools such as Eduphoria and Autocrat.
Christine PujolMaking Data Student Owned using AutocratThis session will look at a few examples of how we can use Autocrat to provide students with information of where they are in the learning process. We can use data from a pre-assessment, post-assessment or anything in between! We will walk through step by step how to run autocrat with some example templates as well as learn how to create your own templates. Let’s help your students own their learning by giving them an opportunity to identify their strengths and weaknesses and move forward to the next level!


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