This year, two Klein ISD nurses joined the ranks of some of the most esteemed healthcare professionals by being named two of the Top 150 Nurses in the greater Houston area. The Houston Chronicle’s 2019 Salute to Nurses honors and celebrates nurses who go above and beyond in their community.

It’s no surprise that two of our relationship-driven elementary nurses – Elizabeth Goedde of Bernshausen Elementary and Dana Wristers of Kaiser Elementary – were recognized for making a continuous, positive impact on the nursing community.

“I am overwhelmingly honored to be recognized with these Houston nurses and validated for all we do on a daily basis for our patients,” Goedde said. “As a working mom, I hope this will show my kids that hard work can lead to great things and positive change.”

Each nurse was nominated by a peer or patient for her unwavering dedication to the profession. Wristers was first recognized in 2017 and is honored to be a part of the 2019 selection.

“I am blown away that, once again, I was nominated and chosen,” she said. “I love what I do and I just can’t wrap my mind around how many nurses there are in the Houston area, there are so many, so it’s such an honor.”

Our nurses dedicate their days to ensuring that our learners are happy, healthy, in the classroom, and ready to learn. Recently, Goedde was also awarded a Superintendent’s Initiative Award for coordinating a CPR training course for students, taught by students. But at the end of the day, our learners teach just as much in return.

“Kindness and a full belly can cure far more than pills and lab values.”  

– Elizabeth Goedde, BSN, RN, PCCN

“My kiddos here at Bernshausen have taught me so much about the power of holistic nursing care and seeing the child not only for their health needs, they’ve taught me that kindness and a full belly can cure far more than pills and lab values,” Goedde said.

Goedde and Wristers attended the Salute to Nurses Luncheon on May 2, where they sat alongside other honored nurses from a variety of facilities, including internationally-recognized hospitals to smalltown specialty clinics.

“School nursing is very busy and rewarding with the wonderful opportunity to be part of the students’ path as they progress through school, it’s an honor and a blessing to be a part of so many lives,” Wristers said.

Klein ISD Health Services Coordinator Yvonne Clark believes that school nurses may go unnoticed for their contributions to caring for the whole child, despite their specialized practice in pursuing the success of every student from the inside out.

“There are almost 40,000 Registered Nurses in Harris County, covering all types of general, specialty to sub-specialty nursing and over 1,000 RN’s were nominated for the Salute to Nurses Award, so seeing two of the Top 150 positions being taken by Klein ISD nurses was extremely humbling,” she said.