Klein ISD Students Win Museum Art Competition


Seven Klein ISD students’ artworks have been selected as winning pieces in the Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Art 2019 Student Art Contest and Juried Exhibition.

The contest is held each year with the goal of increasing and encouraging art education. On average, the contest receives 250 submissions from students in grades K-12 across the Northwest Houston area.

“I was really surprised when I found out I won and I was very proud of myself,” Roth first grader Haylee Ho, who received first place for her colorful Sandra Silberzweig-inspired piece, said. “My mom cried when she found out.”

Only 27 students are recognized for their artistic efforts and abilities in this contest. Klein Cain sophomore Charlotte Gottfried’s piece, “Pretty Powerful,” was named a Juror’s Selection by Pearl Fincher, but only because of Gottfried’s resilient nature and desire to continually improve and grow.

I was getting really discouraged a few months ago because my artwork kept getting rejected from contests without ever reaching the top level, so it feels really satisfying to finally have my work selected now,” Klein Cain sophomore Charlotte Gottfried said.

All recognized works were displayed proudly in the Pearl Fincher Museum, adding to the recognition and irreplaceable learning experience the learners received by participating in this contest.

“Participating in contests like this helps students build confidence in their artistic abilities and broaden their horizons by observing what other students are doing with their work so they can learn from each other,” Klein Collins High School art teacher Tim Trammell said.

Take a look at the winning pieces below!

Pearl Fincher Museum Student Art Contest Results 2019