Yesterday, Klein High School senior and cancer survivor Claudia Favela was presented with the Student Heroes Award from the State Board of Education.

This award is presented to only 15 students across the state in grades PK-12 who are actively making a positive impact in their schools and their communities through outstanding works of community service.

“We only pick 15 students out of, you know, 5.4 million, which is a pretty high bar to reach,” Chair of the State Board of Education Donna Bahorich said. “I always have a hard time choosing, but it’s always someone extraordinary, as in the case of Claudia.”

Favela was chosen for her efforts to raise awareness about childhood cancer by creating a community outreach organization called “Be Bold, Go Gold” to honor her friend, Mariah, who lost her battle to cancer in 2017. Favela is the embodiment of “we” not “me.”

“I knew I had been nominated, but I did not expect to win,” Favela said. “I’m just overwhelmed right now, but I feel like I made Mariah proud again.”

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