Need EL Exchange Hours?


As summer is rapidly approaching, the Department of Multilingual Services would like to remind teachers of the following information related to EL Exchange Hours:  

  • ONLY CORE CONTENT TEACHERS must earn 3 hours designated as English Learner (EL) credit. Courses which satisfy the EL credit are indicated with an asterisk and red font in each playlist.
  • If a course satisfies the EL credit requirement, you can use the course for EL credit or core credit, but not both unless indicated in the course description (in other words, no double dipping).
  • For example, a teacher cannot attend a science workshop for 3 hours and earn both science essentials and EL credit. They would either earn science essentials credit OR EL credit.
  • There are additional 3-hour multilingual sessions that will satisfy the EL requirement found on the Multilingual Page

Our Elevate Conference on June 13 at KMPC is a great opportunity to get EL Exchange Hours through excellent professional learning sessions.  Don’t miss it!