Does the Happiness Formula Really Add Up?


As we wrap up this school year, I wanted to reflect on my time at Holdsworth and take a closer look at this formula. It resonated with me and made me look at things in a different way. What we think is happening is that we will be so happy and content, but are we seeing and applying the true happiness formula? See what you think, and will you change your perspective?

The Happiness Formula is H = S + C + V.  The H is your enduring happiness level, the S is your happiness set point, the C is the circumstances of your life, and the V is any factor under voluntary control. There are goals which are your outcomes: something you want to have, but once you are there, and it’s done you, keep asking yourself, “What is next?”  Then there are values: these are chosen life directions, something you do, not something you have. You need to have goals as milestones in a value-driven life. We should do this not only because happiness is desirable in and of itself, but research shows that happy, optimistic people are healthier, live longer, are more successful, and have more fulfilling relationships.

We need to be able to let go, have acceptance, and have gratitude. Let go of what was and will be; accept what is and be okay with it; be thankful for it and appreciate it. You need to realize that whatever happens right now is the best for that exact moment; then, something else will happen. And you’ll be okay with it because that’s how things should be. You need to trust and believe. Focus on the good things in your life, be positive about what’s to come, be thankful for what you have (even the bad stuff as it’s lessons and experience) every single day, appreciate it, show you care, express your gratitude and love.