Resource Availability Over Summer


All digital resources (online textbooks and resources) will be available until July 31 at which point we will start updating them for the new school year. There might be intermittent times when resources are not available as we run updates on them during the summer. We will post maintenance and downtime information in the Schoology Guide to Digital Resources Group and on the Service Desk Announcements.

New employees and students will not have access to digital resources until they are updated for the next school year with the exception of Schoology. If new employees will be attending training or professional learning that requires access to digital resources, please submit a Service Desk Request with the employee’s name, ID, and the name of the digital resource they need to access. We will do our best to give them access.

For Schoology, users will continue to be added and updated throughout the summer. Once they are active in Skyward, then they will get access to Schoology within 24 hours.

If you have any issues or questions about digital resources over the summer please submit a Service Desk Request and we will assist you.