Identical Twins Graduate as Valedictorian and Salutatorian

Photo courtesy of Priscilla Shontz, Scatterlight Photos

You may feel like you’re seeing double at NRG this weekend during the Klein Oak High School 2019 graduation. Rest assured, though, that your eyes are not playing tricks on you.

Identical twins Joshua and Joseph Martinez will walk the stage as Valedictorian and Salutatorian of their class.

This is an accomplishment that the brothers didn’t see coming, but wouldn’t have any other way.

“It is very exciting to accomplish this with my brother,” older twin and Valedictorian Joshua Martinez said.

The ranking is the accumulation of many years of study sessions, problem-solving, innovation, and a healthy sibling rivalry.

“There’s definitely been some competition going on seeing who can get higher on a test,” Salutatorian Joseph said. “There was always a push to see how high of a grade we could get.”

The dynamic duo’s competition was all in good spirit, as they motivated each other to study and achieve more. Klein Oak Principal Thomas Hensley is proud of the twins’ academic accomplishments, their humble spirits, and their contributions to the campus.

“Joshua and Joseph are remarkable young men,” he said. “Not only are they brilliant, as we can see from their academic record, but they are living examples of well-rounded, equipped scholars that are bound for promise.”

The twins are grateful to the district for empowering them to become college, career, and life ready but no one is more proud of this achievement than the people who saw it all unfold over time – their parents.

“We never thought we would be so blessed to have them finish Val and Sal in such a large class,” their father, Robert Martinez, said. “The odds of that are just incredible. We are very proud of what they have worked so hard to achieve and we look forward to what they will accomplish in the future.”

In the fall, the twins will be nearly 1,400 miles apart as each pursues his purpose. Joshua will attend the University of Texas at Austin as a Computer Science major while his brother will study Computer Science at the California Institute of Technology.