Klein Collins Hosts Career & Technical Education Signing Day


Klein Collins High School proudly hosted the district’s first Career & Technical Education (CTE) Signing Day this spring.

The event recognized and honored seniors who have earned an industry-based certification, obtained full-time employment in their CTE pathway, been accepted by a postsecondary institution in a program aligned with their CTE pathway, or enlisted in the military.

“All of us here who’ve gone through the exams and passed the exams, we get to come here today to show the hard work and dedication that it took and we get to say how we’re signing our futures and dedicating our lives to that field and just really getting to work on our future,” senior Kyndall Carson said.

Over 100 seniors gathered with their mentors, family, and friends to celebrate their accomplishments and look ahead to their bright futures down the various paths they began paving for themselves at Klein Collins High School.

“Klein has done so much for me,” senior Ashland York said. “When I was younger, I did not know what I wanted to do. I had no clue, but [Klein] really helped me go forth with where I needed to be in high school knowing that I could practice nursing. When I go out into the real world, I can go in and go drive hard and do what I love to do.”

We are so proud of every pathway explorer in Klein ISD and enjoy celebrating their relentless pursuit of their diverse passions.