Stacey Vaglienty Announced as Zwink Elementary Principal


Stacey Vaglienty, a proud Klein Oak High School graduate, takes on a new leadership role as the Zwink Elementary Principal. 

“Stacey is a bright, genuine, and passionate educator who exemplifies Zwink’s mantra of high expectations and high support for EVERY student,” Klein ISD Superintendent Dr. Jenny McGown said. “Her commitment to educational excellence and collaborative community will ensure the continued success of the Zwink Zebras.”

Coming from a family of educators, Stacey believes that every student can find success in learning and achieving their goals. Stacey formerly served as a teacher at Kohrville and Bernshausen, as well as an assistant principal at Visible Learning International success story Metzler Elementary. She is looking forward to serving the Zwink students, staff, and community. 

“I’m excited to bring my personal and professional experience to Zwink and continue building upon its foundation of excellence,” Stacey said. 

Welcome to the Zwink Family, Stacey. Wear your stripes with pride!