The Klein ISD Police Department is setting another example of excellence by providing Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training for officers. Starting this semester, two supervisors will be trained through EMT classes at Cypress Creek EMS.

Chief David Kimberly says it’s important to have supervisors trained first because of the unique role they play in crisis response. 

“We have six sergeants that are the first wave in an emergency situation,” he said. “Five are on day shifts, and they are assigned to each high school. They are never very far away from even the most outlying campuses in their area.”

Kimberly recognizes that there are nurses on the campuses who assist in medical situations, but that police officers also have a role to play. 

“Our officers are mobile, and we’re out moving between schools,” Kimberly said. “We’re out on the roadways, and we’re at after-hours events. There’s not always going to be a nurse or a trainer or someone medically trained there. Our officers can step in to fill the need.” 

As part of a comprehensive safety program, the Klein ISD Police Department was the first school district police department in the Houston area to receive bleeding control training more than five years ago through a partnership with Cypress Creek EMS Tactical Medics. Officers learned bleeding cessation and combat application tourniquet strategies, and Klein officers now carry bleeding control kits on their person at all times. The bleeding control kits, along with other training, ensure that officers are prepared for any emergency scenario. 

Once all six supervisors are EMT trained, they will be outfitted with go-bags containing EMT supplies.

“We always want to make sure that we stay on the cutting edge of training,” Kimberly said. “These are our kids, our staff members, our community, and we want to make sure that we’re doing everything we can do to respond to crisis situations with the best training we can.”

Cypress Creek EMS coordinates a twice-yearly EMT class which is sponsored by area fire departments. Traditionally, most students are firefighters, but two Klein ISD Police Officers will be joining this class. The EMT training class began in early August and wraps up in December. Sergeants Cliff Maduzia and Jimmy Barr are both former EMTs who are excited to begin the recertification process. Maduzia is a former Cypress Creek EMS employee who worked as an EMT and dispatcher.