Scholarships for College Search


The key to affording college is knowledge – knowing not only how to pay for it but also, and most importantly, where to look to find the resources that will allow students to afford a college education. In addition to federal student aid, scholarships are an excellent source of funds to help pay for college or career school.

Starting the scholarship process can be overwhelming for students! The district’s Scholarships and Financial Aid webpage gives them a jumpstart! We have organized downloadable resources and information for students and parents. In addition, Klein ISD students and parents have access to up-to-date and vetted scholarships through the e-Scholarships: College Guidance Consultants database. This scholarship database lists scholarships by deadline and includes a description, link, and award amount. You may also search by using keywords. Students need to obtain log in information from their high school counselor.

The high school guidance counselor is an important source of both college admission and financial aid resources. Counselors have information on regional and school-specific scholarships, such as the Rotary Club, churches, banks, and others. Each campus has a Scholarships web page that includes comprehensive information regarding scholarships and financial aid.