It’s Time for Operation Lifeline – Fall Innovation Challenge


Just imagine: an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.0 has hit our area. After the rapid shaking of the earth has seized, Klein ISD students are recruited to aid in delivering medical packs to those most severely affected. Of course, only the best and brightest are tasked with this. The only problem is that there’s no current, viable design for a medical pack that can deliver refrigerated supplies in times of disaster. 

It’s each team’s job to design an effective medical pack that can be used to deliver refrigerated supplies to earthquake victims. The medical pack should: 

  1. Meet the needs of emergency responders.
  2. Be able to be delivered to any location in the affected region.
  3. Keep medications cold for the duration of the delivery without freezing them.
  4. Hold as much medication as possible while not being too heavy to deliver.
  5. Be sturdy enough to prevent the medication containers from being damaged during delivery.

But wait! Each grade level is presented with a different challenge scenario that they must face. Remember, the clock is ticking. If the medical supplies aren’t delivered cold and in a timely manner, they are virtually ineffective. Take a peek at the challenge scenarios below. 

K-2: During the earthquake, a dam broke and flooding is now occurring. Your medical container will need to be waterproof.
3-5: Due to the earthquake, massive fires have broken out. Your medical pack must be fireproof.
6-8: The earthquake caused a chemical spill. You medical pack should be able to sustain functionality when exposed to chemicals.
High School: Your medical pack should meet the needs of emergency responders in at least two of the following challenge scenarios: flooding, fire, chemical spills, or another situation of your choice.  You will get more points for the more situations in which your medical pack is used.

Are you and your students ready to take on Operation Lifeline?

Teams are made up of 3-5 students and at least one sponsor.
Team registration is open until Wednesday, September 18.
The Day of Design is October 2 at the Klein Multipurpose Center. 

To register or find more detailed information on the Innovation Challenge and challenge scenarios, visit