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Students and Community Come Together for Day of Design

Students and Community Come Together for Day of Design

Over 900 students, from grades 3-12, students gathered for the Operation Lifeline Day of Design on Oct. 2 to take part in Klein ISD’s third annual Innovation Challenge.

An Innovation Challenge is an opportunity for students to employ innovation and creative problem-solving skills to create a solution to a problem. This Innovation Challenge is being put on in partnership with JASON Learning and Day of Design Challenges. Klein ISD was recently recognized by the Houston Business Journal for its Innovation Challenges and Operation Lifeline has definitely lived up to that reputation! 

For this Innovation Challenge, teams received hypothetical breaking news that an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.0 hit the Klein area. Being the best and brightest around, Klein students were tasked with designing medical packs to deliver refrigerated supplies to those affected by this disaster in a timely manner.

“Today is all about teamwork and design thinking to create a product that can be used as a solution in a real-world disaster situation,” Klein ISD Executive Director of College & Career Pathways Beth Gilleland said. “Our students have such service-oriented hearts so since this challenge has an emotional aspect to it, we’re seeing a lot of empathy and urgency from the students trying to help these victims in the best way they can.”

Students worked side-by-side with industry experts to talk through the practicality of their previously-researched designs and whether or not they would survive in the race against time. Individuals from various engineering companies, hospitals, colleges, and law enforcement organizations answered the call of service to share their time and knowledge.

“Disasters don’t discriminate, they affect adults, children, and animals,” Houston Police Department Officer Parker Marsh said. “Learning what goes into making a disaster pack is great because they can bring that knowledge home. They may also realize it’s something they want to do and that’s what K-12 is all about, learning what you want to do.”

Throughout the day, our students tackled obstacles and employed logic, imagination, and intuition to engage in STEM in the world beyond their Klein ISD classroom. 

“When we’re older we’ll be more prepared for obstacles, and if we are in one of these events, we can use what we’ve learned to help,” sixth-grader Matthew Campbell from Doerre Intermediate said. 

After this successful Day of Design, students will take what they learned to develop and submit a pitch for potential investors, as well as a technical brief that tracks the development of the pack from start to finish. 

Stay tuned, finalists will be announced November 1! In the meantime, check out the Flickr album to see all the fun!

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