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Bring Out the Best in Yourself, Others & All Situations

Bring Out the Best in Yourself, Others & All Situations






-The Holdsworth Team

 Developing Personal Leadership

During our most recent session with Holdsworth, Liz City, the director of the Educational Leadership doctoral program at Harvard, provided us with extensive training on developing personal leadership and the theory of action strategy to overcome barriers to our problem of practice.  Strong leaders are deeply connected to their purpose and can articulate how it drives their actions and priorities.  They consistently identify their highest priority growth areas and invest in improvement.  Moreover, they prioritize strategies to manage their physical, mental, and emotional resources.  Growing and empowering others is another important attribute of good leaders.  Establishing and cultivating learning teams to create change is one of the most difficult responsibilities for most leaders.

Theory of Action

As leadership teams develop plans and strategies for change, they monitor and adjust to produce excellent and equitable outcomes for every student.  Theory of action is a key strategy in developing a plan of action, implementing the plan to achieve a goal and purpose, analyzing the plan, and making the necessary refinements to improve results.  This strategy matters because it brings a laser focus to our problem of practice, limits chaos, and delineates barriers.  Change ideas can work with intentional strategic practice, a growth mindset, and desired skillset.

Theory of action is a series of “if…then…” statements that make the implicit parts of the problem of practice explicit and focus on the instructional core.  Working through this process helps leadership teams answer these three major questions:

  • What are we doing?
  • Why are we doing it?
  • How are we doing it?

Good leaders always ask themselves these questions because knowing the why gives the what more impact while working toward their purpose.

Tips for Building a Theory of Action:

  • Determine the right grain size – boulder is too general, sand is too detailed
  • Be explicit and connect to accountability
  • Start with “If” statements
  • Add your organization’s action steps – drivers – change ideas
  • Add “Then” statements
  • Finish with results you hope to see, term results of Problem of Practice

To become a leader is to become human!

-The Holdsworth Team

As we continue our journey with Holdsworth, we continue to discover ways to bring out the best in ourselves in every situation.  As we delve further into our problem of practice, we are learning to solve adaptive and complex problems by developing a theory of action, along with discovering new learning and using our collective intelligence to develop personal leadership, grow and empower others, and create change.

I encourage you to find your problem of practice and create a strategic theory of action. As a result, you will create changes that will have a positive impact on every student on your campus, and therefore, provide an opportunity for professional growth in yourself and others.

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