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Longtime Klein ISD Board Member Rick Mann Honored at Meeting

Longtime Klein ISD Board Member Rick Mann Honored at Meeting

A dedicated Klein alumni with a heart for students, staff, and the University of Texas, Mr. Mann is the longest-tenured Trustee in the history of Klein with over 28 years of service under his belt. 

“It’s been a most memorable day today and I’m so thankful,” Mr. Mann said as he concluded his final Board meeting. “Thank you to the community for electing me over and over, serving Klein ISD is an honor and a privilege and I will never forget it.”

Mr. Mann has lived in the Klein area for over 40 years and his children are successful Klein Forest Golden Eagles who later took flight to Stephen F. Austin State University. The Mann Family is a symbol of all that is special about the Klein Family and the close-knit community that Mr. Mann built in Klein will strive to serve his legacy well. 

“I’ve been at Klein Forest for 32 years and I can never remember a time when I didn’t know Rick as part of Klein,” Klein Forest journalism teacher Sue Blackmon said. “Rick is the kind of man that you want on the School Board for all those many years because he has connections to the district and he cares genuinely, from his heart, about students and what’s best for them.”

Prior to his life in Klein, Mr. Mann served in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam Conflict. Mr. Mann has devoted his life to serving others, whether he was fighting for our country or for our Klein students. 

“He has faithfully lived a life of service, for the benefit of our students, for the benefit of our teachers and educators, and also just for the benefit of our community to make sure that Klein ISD’s long tradition of excellence and innovation is something that is alive and well,” Klein ISD Superintendent Dr. Jenny McGown said. 

The Klein Family is grateful for all that Mr. Mann did for the good of the district during his time as a beloved Trustee and we wish him the best as he enters into this next chapter of his life.


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Klein ISD is a school district in Klein, Texas, located in northwestern Harris County. The district spans approximately 88 square miles and serves more than 53,000 students in 33 elementary schools, 10 intermediate campuses, one high school program of choice, and 5 high schools.

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