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Slow Down…Just Breathe

Slow Down…Just Breathe

Have you ever experienced a state of stillness? When your life is going crazy with stress from work, health, family, etc. Even with everything going on, you experience a state of stillness and tranquility. Would you like to experience more of this in life? I am sure you would say, yes of course, because it was such a POSITIVE experience! This is something you need to command at will. This is called your inner core and something you want to access.

As part of the Holdsworth Cohort, we learn about personal leadership based on the five-pillars: Purpose, Growth, Self-Realization, Love, and Wisdom. Going through this program has made me realize that I need to take time for myself in order to give my all for students and teachers. Bringing in the new year, I challenge you to make this a goal for yourself.

Self-Realization, one of the five pillars, is fulfillment of one’s own potential. We seek to embody self-realization in work and in life with pure and joyful spirits. This allows us to step back and look at life from the outside. Discipline your mind to focus and allow yourself to experience peace and tranquility (cultivating your inner core).


  • Tremendous strength, fortitude, resilience and courage in life. Even when your life is chaotic, you don’t let it pin you down. You don’t want your outer core to depend on your inner core to withstand the battles of life. 
  • Allows you to not be attached to things around you. We can get so tied up into our life/work, this helps you to pull away and create an open space of possibilities.
  • Train your mind to focus on anything you choose, which will help you flourish in life and leadership. Celebrate success even when other things are going on.

So what do you do to get this peace and tranquility? YOU MEDITATE!

Three forms of Mental Engagement

  1. State of Disconnection- engage in something restful or relaxing- Examples: running, walking, writing, something YOU enjoy doing. When you are able to disconnect from your busy life and focus on your activity, you are one step closer to your inner core. 
  2. Focusing- beyond disconnecting from the outside things. Try a simple activity to engage in so your mind can be fully focused and present. Focus your attention on a particular object, a good way is to still your body.  Sit in a sill position (yoga or meditation). In that position with your eyes closed, focus on one thing; an affirmation or a prayer and listen to the music of the soothing sound. 
  3. Pure Stillness- You are completely stilling your mind. You are stilling it with all meaning and thoughts.

Scientific Evidence of Meditation- helps relieve chronic pain, decreases stress, promotes better sleep, lowers blood pressure, increase of positive feelings, reduces anxiety and depression. Your performance in your professional career improves with higher concentration levels and creativity, your connections with people, and your capacity to be empathetic. 

If you don’t think meditation is for you, I challenge you to try it. Sit still and meditate for 5-10 mins a day everyday for 10 to 12 weeks and see how it makes you feel. Then put it into regular practice. This is your year to help yourself so you can help our Klein Community. Take small steps. BE MINDFUL.

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Slow Down...Just Breathe

by Jessica Williams
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