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Klein ISD Celebrates First Black Board President During Black History Month

Klein ISD Celebrates First Black Board President During Black History Month

During Black History Month, we want to take a special moment to celebrate Klein ISD Board of Trustees President, Mr. Doug James. 

When Mr. James was elected to the Klein ISD Board of Trustees in 2017, he became the first African American to serve on the Team of Eight in Klein ISD history.

Mr. James and his wife, Ronda, have lived in and been involved with the district for more than 31 years. All three of their children are graduates of Klein Forest High School and his granddaughter is currently a Klein ISD student. 

Fun fact: Mayor Turner is a Klein ISD alum! Check out this sweet reunion between the men that Doug described as a “full circle moment” while presenting Mayor Turner with an Alumnus Award and thanking him for his inspiration.

“Doug’s commitment to education is evident,” Klein ISD Superintendent Dr. Jenny McGown said. “It’s our privilege to celebrate Mr. James this month and every month for all that he does for our students and staff. He’s a wonderful human being and he genuinely cares about EVERY student in our care. We are grateful that he is a part of our Klein Family.”

Doug has served as a volunteer at many of our Klein schools and on various district leadership teams. He also served on the 2015 Bond Committee (this bond was overwhelmingly supported by more than 70 percent of Klein ISD voters!), was one of the original directors of the Klein ISD Education Foundation, and helped to establish the International Business Academy, now known as the Global Business Pathway, at Klein Forest High School. But, serving on a school board was never something he planned to do. 

“Serving as a Klein ISD Trustee was never something that was in my scope of things I aspired to do,” he said. “A couple of different things drove me to my decision to run and serve. Early on, it was my wife, Ronda, that prompted me to ‘decide’ to get involved in the schools as a volunteer in the first place for more than 30 years. My desire to support the Klein Family at the highest level grew so I ran for the BOT in 2016 and lost.” 

Remember, Klein ISD Board members have to run and win an election in order to serve the district!

“After that, I said to myself ‘I gave it a shot, I’m not doing that again, I’ll continue to serve the kids from where I am,”’ Doug said. “In 2017, Mayor Turner came to a men’s fellowship at my church and shared with the men why he decided to run for the Mayor of Houston, again. By the time the evening ended and his story was told, he had convinced me to run again for the Klein ISD School Board of Trustees. Not for me, but for the students I could serve.”

The rest is history. We all know that Doug continues to be an active volunteer in the district and community while doing his presidential part to ensure that EVERY student enters with a promise and exits with a purpose. 

This month, we are grateful to celebrate Doug for being a special part of Klein ISD history.

“Black History Month for me is not just a time to celebrate African Americans who have paved the way for us all to thrive, it is also a time to consider the ways that we can create more equity for EVERY student in our sphere of influence and on each of our campuses,” he said. “How can we make sure that all families feel welcome in our classrooms and buildings? How can we support educators from all backgrounds in developing their personal knowledge and awareness of the contributions of African Americans, so that they can teach the diverse students they serve from a more holistic standpoint? That’s the importance of the Klein family celebrating Black History Month in Klein ISD.”

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Klein ISD Celebrates First Black Board President During Black History Month

by Megan Parman
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