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High-Tech Bus Safety Simulator Comes to Klein ISD

High-Tech Bus Safety Simulator Comes to Klein ISD

Rain, sleet, snow, hail, black ice, and fog. Our Klein ISD bus drivers are prepared for it all. 

Last week, Region 6 Education Service Center (ESC) brought their school bus driving simulator to Klein to provide a 3-hour crash course in evasive driving – completely free of charge. This 38-foot mobile trailer replicates the driving component of a typical school bus and provides hands-on training to drivers. 

“Klein’s Director of Transportation, Mr. Josh Rice, contacted me directly and asked if I could bring the unit to the district and work with the drivers,” Safety Training Specialist for Region 6 ESC Larry Thorton said. “Of course, I was more than happy to agree. It’s a win-win for Klein ISD because the drivers are receiving safe, interactive training in a state-of-the-art unit for free – the state is picking up the bill.”

Region 6 ESC wrote a grant through the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to provide free, extra training to school bus drivers. This training would cost $1,800 per day plus expenses to other entities. 

The simulator is programmed with Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) “scenarios” that prepare drivers for anything from a turtle crossing the road to extremely hazardous driving conditions.

Benefits of Simulator Training

  • Controlled environment – safely experience hazardous conditions
  • Avoids wear and tear on Klein ISD bus equipment 
  • Minimizes liability
  • Doesn’t require fuel 

Klein ISD Director of Transportation Josh Rice was thrilled to see that our bus drivers were eager and willing to learn and undergo the training. 

“Without this training, there are some driving conditions that we can’t show a driver unless they’re actually happening,” Rice said. “Providing safe and reliable transportation to EVERY student is a top priority, so Klein ISD Transportation Services will continue to provide cutting-edge training and strive to be one of the top transportation programs in the State of Texas.”

Klein ISD bus driver Rashelle Wisnoskie has been driving the big yellow bus around Klein ISD for about a year. Even though the wheels on the bus going ‘round, and ‘round isn’t new to her, she feels this training was effective and proactive.

“This training is incredible because it allows drivers to hone their skills and safely experience the situations and dangers that we always hope we never run into in the real world,” Wisnoskie said. “We hope we never see some of these things, but now we know what to do.”

Although Thorton sings this training program’s praises, he always reminds the community that transportation safety is a partnership. 

“Bus drivers are carrying the most precious cargo in the world, somebody’s loved one,” Thorton said. “You can’t place a dollar amount on someone’s life. It’s important for everyone in the community to obey the laws and be considerate of busses. We can train all day, but the community needs to drive respectfully as well. ”

Region 6 ESC will be back in Klein ISD in July for another safety training program.


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