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Klein ISD Hosts Regional First Responder Training Event

Klein ISD Hosts Regional First Responder Training Event

Klein ISD Police Department and Transportation Services partnered today to host a Full-Scale Critical Incident Exercise as a training opportunity for first responder agencies in and around our beloved Klein area. 

This particular exercise included a dramatic scene of a bus crash in which one bus carrying students with various disabilities tipped over on its side. 

“Today’s event was a priceless training opportunity for so many local first responders and our very own students,” Klein ISD Director of Emergency Management Rex Evans said. 

We were so happy to have so many spectators join us from across the greater Houston area join us for this experience – nearly 150 Directors, Administrators, Assistant and/or Deputy Superintendents with the Gulf Coast Association of Pupil Transportation! 

Klein ISD First Responder Training Event 2020

“The safety and security of every student in our care is a top priority, and I’m proud of the proactive approach that we’ve taken to ensure the well-being of our Klein Family,” Klein ISD Superintendent Dr. Jenny McGown said. “We’re grateful to collaborate with our local first responders as well as the opportunity to immerse students in an authentic learning experience directly related to their future career paths.”

School safety officers train specifically for situations like this, but local fire, EMS, and law enforcement agencies are not required to do so. Klein ISD Chief of Police David Kimberly said this event was designed to bridge that gap.

“This collaboration today with our fire and EMS is invaluable,” Chief Kimberly said. “We know each other, but we don’t often get to work together until something bad happens. Today’s a great opportunity to get to know our neighbors and responding entities and be proactive.”

As an added component to the training, Klein ISD Practicum of Law students participated by portraying injured victims. Each student was assigned a disability and injury to portray.

“This places our students right at the center of their future career,” Klein Forest High School Practicum of Law Instructor Josslynn Phelps-Victorian said. “This is a call that they may have to respond to someday.”

In order to prepare, our students thoroughly researched the disability and injury they were assigned in order to portray it accurately and empathetically. 

“We included the special needs component in this training because we have many special needs buses on the road every single day, as do all of the other school districts in our area, so we wanted to make sure that we prepare our first responders to respond to EVERY person in an emergency situation,” Kimberly said.

While multiple agencies waited in the St. Anthony’s parking lot for the call for service (thank you, St. Anthony’s, for letting us use your space!), a very talented Klein High School makeup artist, Megan Stillwell, painted her peers with simulated crash injuries before they climbed aboard the buses. 

“This was a real eye-opener for everyone,” Klein Cain senior Daniel Pressley said. “It was a great experience.”

Although the simulation took about 15 minutes total, it was planned out and fine-tuned to the core. Agencies timed how long it would take for them to respond from their home base to the scene, safety officers were placed strategically around the scene in order to ensure that everyone was safe and comfortable, and a safe word was given to our students that allowed them to stop the simulation at any time if they felt uncomfortable.

Rest assured, the buses involved in this simulation were taken out of commission over a year ago. This training was their final service to the district! 

“These buses are inoperable,” Klein ISD Director of Transportation Josh Rice said. 

“We actually had them towed in by a wrecker service early this morning and then flipped over with their assistance as well so we could simulate what a bus would do in a true rollover situation.”

Take a look at the incredible people and agencies that participated below. Thank you!

Participating Students 
Christina Castenada | Klein Forest High School
Jazmine Castro |Klein Forest High School
Sayda Fuentes | Klein Forest High School
Eshan Patel | Klein Forest High School
Daniel Pressley | Klein Cain High School
Krystal Ramirez | Klein Forest High School
Megan Stillwell | Klein High School
Tianna Taylor | Klein Forest High School
Angela Torres |Klein Forest High School
Michael Widak | Klein Oak High School

Bus Drivers
Julio Mena
Carmen Saenz

Participating Agencies
Cypress Creek EMS
Cypress Creek Fire Department
Harris Co. Haz-Mat (Fire Marshal’s Office) 
Harris County ESD 1 (EMS Service)
Klein Fire Department
Champions Fire Department
Spring Fire Department  
Tomball Fire/EMS
Hermann Hospital Life Flight Helicopter Operations 
Harris County Office of Emergency Management 
Harris County 9-1-1 
Harris County Constable C4 (Patrol and Traffic Accident Division) 
Harris County Sheriff’s Office (Communications Division)  


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