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Klein ISD Program Offers Future First Responders a Leg Up

Klein ISD Program Offers Future First Responders a Leg Up

Klein ISD is proud to host a Practicum in Law Enforcement program in our district that gives seniors who are interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement a first-hand look at what that entails.

The unique program began as a pilot in the 2018-2019 school year at Klein Forest High School and expanded to the district level this year. Students must have completed two years of Criminal Justice curriculum in order to participate.

“The Practicum in Law Enforcement program is a valuable opportunity for our students to participate in a truly authentic learning experience,” Klein ISD Superintendent Dr. Jenny McGown said. “It highlights our dedication to excellence and innovation as we give students a jumpstart in fulfilling their purpose in the field of law enforcement.”

As part of their public safety pathway curriculum, students participate in instruction at the Klein ISD Police Department and have an opportunity to learn from our experienced KPD officers.

Principle learning areas include report writing, crime scene investigation, case preparation, and defensive tactics.

“They’re basically going through our field training program,” Klein ISD Chief of Police David Kimberly said. “What normally takes 12 to 16 weeks for a new-hire officer, they get to spend the entire year working on.”

This year, the students were given the opportunity to participate in a regional first responder training event. Agencies from across the area joined at the KMPC for a simulated bus crash and were tasked with “saving” our students.

In order to prepare, our students thoroughly researched the disability and injury they were assigned in order to portray it accurately and empathetically. 

“First responders don’t necessarily get a lot of training on how to interact with and help someone who has a disability so it was our job to portray our role well for this training,” Klein Forest senior Sayda Fuentes said. 

There are exciting things ahead as this program continues to grow.

“We’re actually looking at making this program a dual credit option moving forward,” Sergeant Nathan Polansky said. “Next year will only be the third year for the practicum itself so that’s really exciting and speaks volumes for its benefit.”

Chief Kimberly is excited about the future of the program and the potential prospect of hiring a Klein ISD Practicum of Law graduate.

“I hope that there comes a day when I’m able to hire one of these kids as a Klein ISD Police Officer,” Chief Kimberly said. “It would be phenomenal to put them in our uniform and know that they’re homegrown.”

During regular class time, the students explore topics such as professionalism with their campus instructor. 


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