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Klein’s Family Engagement Showcases Best Practices at the State Level

Klein’s Family Engagement Showcases Best Practices at the State Level

Recognized as a model school district by the Texas Education Association (TEA) in 2018, Klein ISD’s Family Engagement program continues to lead the way in promoting student success through strong family-school partnerships. Klein ISD is an active member of the Texas Council on Family-School Engagement, and in partnership with the American Institutes for Research, has significantly contributed to documentation highlighting best practices in family engagement for TEA to implement across the state as part of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).  

“Building impactful relationships with our students’ families are the strongest partnerships we have for ensuring the success of every student,” Klein ISD Superintendent Jenny McGown said. “I’m so proud of our district’s contributions to these state-level guiding documents and am honored that the work we do in Klein to engage families in their children’s learning has been featured for others to learn from and implement in their communities.”

The Texas Council on Family-School Engagement works diligently to provide advice and input to TEA that informs meaningful engagement of family, school, and community stakeholders.

“There has been no better drum major for the Texas Council on Family-School Engagement’s parade of progress than Klein ISD. We recognize and respect the many ways that families support the learning and development of children, both at home and in formal learning environments,” said Klein ISD Board President Doug James. “Our Board of Trustees is aware that the most accurate predictor of academic achievement is not socioeconomic status or how esteemed the school is that a child attends. The most accurate predictor is the extent to which families get engaged in learning at home and involve themselves in their child’s education. We are extremely honored and excited that, in a very powerful way, our district is being sagaciously used to write her signature on the future of Family Engagement in Texas”.

These best practices include strategies for embracing family engagement as a practice that aligns with TEA strategic priorities.

“The program is infused with research-based strategies which allow parents to link to their students learning successfully partnering with schools to improve their children’s educational achievement and outcomes,” said Executive Director of College and Career Pathways Beth Gilleland. “The success of the program generates from our leadership and dedicated support from Dr. McGown, our Board of Trustees, campus principals, parent liaisons, and, finally, the passionate commitment and leadership of the Family Engagement Coordinator Maria Ovalle Lopez.”

Additionally, the program correlates our district’s Strategic Plan of Building Community with the Dual Capacity Framework for School-Family Partnerships and has been successful in engaging, educating, and equipping families in our district. 

“Members of the Council, including parents and representatives from Klein ISD, Friona ISD, and Laredo ISD met with representatives from TEA, and the educational regions to create these documents, “ said Klein ISD’s Family Engagement Coordinator Maria Ovalle Lopez. “The documents include strategies for embracing family engagement as a practice that aligns with TEA strategic priorities and includes examples of best practices that the three school districts have adopted to positively engage families in learning.”

Klein’s Family Engagement Program is most notably highlighted for its “Family Engagement 101” training for educators that focuses on cultural awareness and effective strategies for engaging families. Additionally, the district is celebrated for including families in the principal hiring process by soliciting input through committees and surveys.

To see all documents released by the Texas Comprehensive Center for building capacity in family engagement practices, please visit Every Student Succeeds Act State Plan Support.


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