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Finding Ways to Support Staff Outside of the Classroom

With Klein ISD school buildings closed through May, one Ulrich Intermediate teacher is using his health and fitness expertise to support his fellow staff members through this uncertain time. 

Ulrich Intermediate teacher Johnathan Cranford is a fitness guru, published author, and certified fitness trainer. With his typical daily schedule at Ulrich dissolved because of COVID-19 and the following school closures, Johnathan decided to dig deep and do all that he can to support his Bulldog Family.

“I’ve always offered free diet and exercise programming to my coworkers if they’re interested,” he said. “When the shutdown occurred, everyone on my campus was looking for ways to help the students and each other. I mentioned to my principal that I would be happy to offer virtual wellness consults to our staff as a way to contribute. Right away, Mr. Woolley was extremely supportive of my little ‘corporate wellness’ initiative.”

Ulrich Principal Trevor Woolley said that these “office hours” for staff are a wonderful way for support roles to continue doing what they do best – supporting!

“He set up office hours for a ton of our folks right away and they’ve all been super appreciative,” he said. “There’s enough going wrong that the right feels extra great.”

Everyone who signs up with Johnathan receives daily workouts with videos demonstrating each exercise and detailed instructions on how to modify the workout to their own ability levels. One thing that makes Johnathan so successful as a trainer is his ability to personalize – something we love to do in Klein!

“As teachers, we work with students of varying ability levels,” he said. “As a coach, it’s the same thing. Everyone has a different starting point when it comes to fitness, or learning any new skill or subject. Scaling workouts so a grandmother who has never worked out before can access the same workout as a college athlete is what it’s all about.”

From the initial virtual meeting, each person receives individualized one-on-one attention, including a comprehensive diet plan based on their individual goals, workout plans based upon their individual fitness level, and a general wellness improvement plan to help modify unhealthy habits. 

“Clients come to me wanting to lose a few pounds, and they do, but I care way more about their overall health,” he said. “The virus is overwhelmingly more dangerous for people with pre-existing conditions, so it is fortunate we can lose weight and improve biomarkers of health at the same time.”

Johnathan has a proven history of success with clients. In 2014, Johnathan won the Superintendent’s Initiative Award for developing a health and wellness program for staff at Klein ISD’s Therapeutic Education Program. 

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Finding Ways to Support Staff Outside of the Classroom

by Megan Parman
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