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Lemm Elementary Recognized as Visible Learning Certified School

Lemm Elementary Recognized as Visible Learning Certified School

Lemm Elementary staff and students have changed the way teaching and learning happens within their walls. After implementing Visible Learning 5 years ago, Lemm Elementary is now being recognized as a Visible Learning Certified School. 

Visible Learning is the work of John Hattie whose research focuses on influences that impact student achievement. He wanted to know how students learn best. After years of research and analysis of over 250+ influences on student achievement, he was able to answer his question and, ultimately, find what makes the greatest impact. 

Visible Learners know where they are in their learning, how they are doing, and where they are going next. They set learning goals, are reflective, and know when to seek help from peers. Teachers provide success criteria so learners understand what it means to be successful in their learning. 

Teacher challenging students to own their own learning and to set learning goals.

Lemm’s staff and leadership have participated in a multitude of training sessions provided by Corwin Press and Visible Learning trainers. In order for Lemm to achieve the highest level of a Visible Learning Certified school they had to conduct 3 years worth of case studies for the campus and show the campus data, allow Corwin personnel to conduct student interviews, participate in Visible learning trainings for staff and leadership, among many other ways to show Visible Learning was benefitting the students and learning happening at Lemm. 

Lemm Elementary Principal Adam Tietze has been part of the Visible Learning journey since the beginning. 

“I couldn’t be more proud of our staff and how hard they have worked to bring Visible Learning into the school and make it commonplace.” said Tietze, “This achievement would not have happened without the incredible staff members of Lemm Elementary. This award is unique in the sense that it cannot be achieved by one person nor a small group of people. It takes the efforts of an entire staff over several years to achieve.”

Implementing Visible Learning at Lemm has changed the way students think about their learning. It is no longer a secret on what they need to know and be able to do to be successful. They own their learning and make attainable goals with the help of their teachers. 

First-grade student at Lemm researching about presidents and citing her sources.

“Prior to Visible Learning when asked what a good learner looks like, Lemm students would give a behavior-based answer—sit up straight, don’t interrupt, raise your hand,” said Tietze. “Now Lemm students know that good learners are driven problem solvers who embrace challenges and work hard for their goals.”

We are so proud of students and staff at Lemm Elementary and their dedication to teaching and learning and excellence in academic achievement. Go Lions!


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