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Klein ISD Wraps Up First Week

Klein ISD Wraps Up First Week

Although the start of the 2020-2021 school year looked different from previous years, our Klein ISD students and staff have once again started the year off on the right foot. 

“I am so proud of our Klein ISD staff, students, and families for the historic and excellent start we’ve had,” Klein ISD Superintendent Dr. Jenny McGown said. “As I traveled to all 50 of our schools this week, I witnessed firsthand some truly magical moments. Students were experiencing a new learning environment online and on-campus, teachers and campus staff were giving their best to take care of our kids, and our families were extending grace to us as we all navigate this adventure together.”

Students were thankful to return this week, and for many, the stresses and challenges were just minor obstacles to overcome. 

“The one-way hallways were confusing at first and remembering how they work was a little challenging,” Schindewolf Intermediate student Addyson Rohr said. “However, with all of the practice, it’s been getting easier.”

First Day of School 2020

To prepare students and staff for a successful return, Klein ISD hosted three separate simulations.

“We were so fortunate to host three separate simulations the week before school started so our staff and families could get familiar with the health and safety procedures we have in place this year,” Dr. McGown said.

It was a team effort as families navigated through the new challenge of choosing the mode of instruction that best works for their family. 

“Everyone has their ‘why’ for doing things and there are some kids that prefer to be on campus, but for us staying home right now is a better fit,” Klein ISD parent Julie Stevens said. 

Stevens went on to express her appreciation for the staff. 

“I’m so grateful to Klein, the teachers, and administrators for working overtime on making these choices a success,” she said. ”To have the choice is such a gift.”

One thing that has uniquely set up Klein ISD for success was the overwhelming support from the community for the 2015 Bond. 

“We are also so fortunate to have a supportive community that overwhelmingly passed our 2015 Bond which allowed us to move to a 1-to-1 computer ratio in grades 6-12 over the past few years,” Dr. McGown said. “That support uniquely prepared us to support online learning. Educating the whole student is what we are called to do as educators, and we are so thankful that after almost six months of closures, we were finally able to do that for all 50,000+ Klein ISD students in our collective care.”

Good advice on how to ease this transition was not hard to come by, and teachers and staff shared it with each other for the good of their students. 

Out of all the shared advice, it all boils down to a single idea, which Schindewolf Intermediate Secretary Regina Carrillo echoed, “Be patient and learn with grace.”

Thanks for a successful first week back! Be sure to continue to follow all Klein ISD health and safety guidelines set in place for your child’s campus, so we can stay safe to stay open!

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