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Salsa, It’s Not Just for Chips! – Hispanic Heritage Month

Salsa, It’s Not Just for Chips!  – Hispanic Heritage Month

What better way to celebrate the diversity in our community than to highlight a few of the most popular dances and music genres in our Hispanic and Latinx communities? Scroll down to check out some of the most influential dances and genres of today.

1. Bachata (Music & Dance)

Originating from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, Bachata is one of the most popular dances and music genres to come from the Hispanic community. 

With variations that include a two-hand hold, an open embrace, and a close embrace, the dance is suitable for all kinds of events and celebrations. 

Modern Bachata music includes faster-paced songs with electronic sounds. 

2. Merengue (Music & Dance)

The Merengue is the national dance of the Dominican Republic and a widely known dance across Latin-American countries. 

This music genre and dance can be listened to and performed in schools, celebrations, and social gatherings. In the Dominican Republic, there are even merengue festivals! 

Check out the video above for a brief history of this staple in Hispanic and Latinx culture.

3. Salsa (Music & Dance)

Salsa is an eclectic dance that has touched down in many places across the world. This genre of music and dance is fundamental to the Hispanic/Latinx community. 

This Cuban-originated music and dance has become one of the most well-known dances in the world. In the United States, varying versions of the salsa can be found. New York salsa can be differentiated from Cuban style salsa and Salsa Dura (from Colombia!). 

Watch the video above to see a beautiful performance!

4. Cumbia (Music & Dance)

Did you know that Cumbia is Colombia’s national dance? Yep, this genre of music and dance formed from a blend between European, African, and indigenous cultures. 

A dance filled with shuffling, zig-zagging and upbeat music, cumbia definitely keeps its dancers on their toes!

Click play on the video above to watch native Colombians dance cumbia!

5. Mariachi (Music)

If you’re from Texas, then you’re definitely familiar with the music genre called mariachi. 

These distinct vocalists and musicians can be found performing all across Texas (at least, before COVID-19), making our community feel like home. 

Mariachi bands usually consist of six violins, two trumpets, a guitar, a vihuela, and a guitarron. There are usually only men in the mariachi bands, but women have become more accepted in more recent years.

Watch a mariachi singer perform in the video above.


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