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Meet Proud Hispanic Americans in Klein ISD

Meet Proud Hispanic Americans in Klein ISD

It takes individuals with unique backgrounds to complete the beautiful community that we call the Klein Family, and we pride ourselves on the rich diversity of our district. Together, we will educate, celebrate, and appreciate the culture and contributions of Hispanic Americans. 

Continue reading below to meet a few fantastic members of our Klein Family who pride themselves on being Hispanic Americans.

Elizabeth Torres, Parent Liaison

Klenk Elementary

Why is your heritage important to you? 

As a minority and Latina, my heritage is very important. It feels powerful to say that I am a part of this community because I can be a role model for the younger Latinx generation, and I can show them that they can make anything happen. 

What is your favorite tradition?

All of our family gatherings are my favorite tradition! Every gathering is huge and so much fun because we have such big families and we’re very close to one another.

What is your favorite dish?

I’m Colombian, so I think my favorite dish would have to be Bandeja Paisa.

Raymond, Student

Epps Island Elementary

Why is being Hispanic special to you?

I love being Hispanic and just being myself. I can talk to different people from all over because I can speak Spanish and English, and it’s cool that I get to do something that not all people can!

What is your favorite tradition?

Well, going to church is really important to my family, and we go every Sunday.

What is your favorite dish?

My favorite food is tamales, especially the pork ones!

Quinn Judice, Spanish Teacher

Klein Collins High School

What does being Hispanic mean to you?

Being a Hispanic American brings me so much pride. The pride comes from my ancestors in Mexico and from my family here in America. Being given the opportunity to do better in America and to share my culture with others is something special. To be American and yet still able to hold our own roots as Hispanics from Mexico or any other country is truly a privilege.

What is your favorite tradition?

Making Tamales! My grandmother would always make them on Christmas Eve, and it’s been my goal to learn how to make it all from scratch the way she did. It’s a special tradition for me. 

What is your favorite dish?

My mom’s carne asada!

Brenda Rodriguez, Athletic Secretary &

KFHS Class of ‘92 Alum

Klein Forest High School

What does being Hispanic mean to you?

It’s who I am. I’m a Latina from Houston, Texas. Our diversity here at school has grown so much. Back in the day, you didn’t see a lot of Hispanic kids speaking Spanish in the hallways or playing their music at dances, and seeing that today reminds me that we can share our heritage with everybody. It is truly something that is close to my heart.

What is your favorite Spanish word?

Cacahuete! It means peanuts in Spanish, and it’s just a funny word!

What is your favorite dish? 

That’s an easy question. It’s my mom’s homemade tortillas. She makes tortillas almost every day!

We hope you enjoyed all of our Hispanic Heritage Month content and hope you take time to explore this wonderful culture and community!

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