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Klein High Volleyball Coach Joins Elite 500 Wins Club

The countdown was on and the excitement evident several games before Klein High Head Volleyball Coach Kate Zora reached her 500th career win, a feat not many coaches can boast about. 

“It’s awesome that she’s got 500 wins,” Klein High senior and University of North Alabama commit Camryn Kling said. “The fact that she’s gotten to work with so many different and talented groups of girls, and just the way that she’s coached them, and gotten her 500th win is amazing.”

With prior experience coaching in Austin and College Station before coming to Klein and becoming a Bearkat, Zora has seen her fair share of outstanding talent throughout her career. 

“It’s just really awesome to have 500 wins and to be able to attribute that to a bunch of different players I’ve worked with over the years,” Zora said. “It’s a great honor. It’s one of those things that doesn’t happen very often. We had great family and player support. It takes everybody from our booster club to our parents to a lot of the staff to get this far, so I attribute it to everybody.”

For Coach Zora, it’s not all about the wins.

“I think wins will always come if you build the blocks right,” Zora said. “If the foundation is there and it’s solid, the wins are just a by-product of everything else that you’re doing right on a daily basis. If you’ve built that relationship, everything else will fall into place.”

Zora’s athletes can vouch for her dedication to the players and not just the game.

“She will check up on us and ask us how we’re doing outside of volleyball, and she really puts her everything into this team, so when something is bothering us, then it’s bothering her. She puts us all together and she makes us love one another no matter our differences,” Klein High senior and Clemson commit Devan Taylor said.

Building long-lasting relationships with her athletes is one of Zora’s ultimate goals.

“I’ve been able to coach sisters and coach families, and that’s been one of the cool things,” Zora said. “I also have had a lot of players reach out over the years and come back for the games. I want to be able to see them get married and have their babies and all that good stuff when they grow up.”

It’s no secret that Kate Zora loves her players like they are her own, and the feeling is mutual.

“I love Zora,” Klein High Varsity Volleyball Setter Annie Antar said. “She has taught me a lot about gratitude, especially being a senior. This is my last year here, and she’s just been able to show me what a coach should look like and how I should feel towards a coach. She makes us all feel really loved as a team because we know she cares about us.”

This undefeated team has seen such great success under Zora’s steadfast leadership, and part of her leadership is crediting the players for her victories.

“We’re trying to be loaded in every position, in every area, and develop strengths in everyone, so I think the idea of team and really pursuing those team goals is what we keep on the forefront of their minds,” Zora said. “It makes coaching easy when you’ve got people who are dedicated to the goal. That’s the most special part about this team; you don’t have to be the constant motivator – they’re motivated themselves.”

Congratulations to Coach Zora on her 500th win! Bearkats, we are cheering you all on as you serve up some powerful plays on the court


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