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Meet Kayla Shaw: Klein ISD Instructional Officer for Counseling & Whole Student Wellness

Meet Kayla Shaw: Klein ISD Instructional Officer for Counseling & Whole Student Wellness

In this week’s Klein Profile feature, we sat down with Kayla Shaw, the Instructional Officer for Counseling & Whole Student Wellness for Klein ISD, to talk about the department she serves on, and her important role in the District. 


Read on to catch a glimpse of Kayla’s “day in the life” as the Instructional Officer for Counseling & Whole Student Wellness for Klein ISD and a brief introduction to her department. 


Can you elaborate on the importance of school counselors, and the support of student mental health and how it benefits our students?

“In Klein, we believe in teaching the whole student. We know if we have the student emotionally, they are going to perform better academically, have higher attendance, and higher test scores. Really, it’s of huge importance, so that we can enhance student learning experiences.”


What does the “day in the life” look like for your department?

“We are grateful to have counselors on every campus. At the Elementary schools, we have one to two counselors. At the intermediate level, we have three counselors per campus, and at the high schools, we have between 10 to 12 counselors. A lot of the time I am supporting them with any needs that they have, whether it be from course selection to college/career readiness and mental health support to provide for their students’ needs.”

We also do a lot of training with counselors. We have our meetings with the counselors to provide them with training and just keep them up to date with what’s going on and help support them. 

We also host a lot of parent engagement activities. In October, it was all about college, so we did the college night and FAFSA nights. We are looking forward to the Pathway Summit coming up in January.”


What are some of the challenges you encounter in your role? Especially during uncertain times?

“I think the largest challenge this year is reaching the students from home, so we’ve done a big push with virtual counseling sessions. We’ve been providing Zoom counseling sessions and even some home visits with our students. We are just making sure they know that we’re still here even though they are learning from home.”


What makes your job so rewarding for you?

“Seeing the students on-campus participating in social and emotional learning really brings joy to my heart. The campuses have really grasped on to our social/emotional learning opportunities that we’ve pushed out with the help of Jennifer Matus, our Counselor Coordinator. Seeing all the resources provided that are aligned to our guiding documents and shared vision from our department in action in classrooms  is very fulfilling.”


What makes your department so successful?

“You can always do more when you have a team, and our team functions so well in the aspect of collaborating with one another. I feel like that has really enhanced our production of resources to campuses.

I’m really passionate about helping families and students. That’s what makes this job rewarding for me. That we get to help all campuses and contribute to better student quality for social and emotional learning.”


Do you have any volunteer opportunities or ways for the community to get involved?

“We have partners and mentors who volunteer with our department. We also partner with churches and different businesses. We are forever grateful for our community partners in Klein ISD.”


Huge shoutout to Kayla Shaw and the Counseling Department for all you do for our district and the students of Klein ISD. We are grateful for your service and care for the educational experience of our students.

Click HERE for more information on the Counseling & Whole Student Wellness program. 


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