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20 Klein ISD Families Receive Personal Laptop Donation

20 Klein ISD Families Receive Personal Laptop Donation

In the midst of National Family Engagement Month, 20 families in the Klein Forest family of schools were gifted with a donation of a personal laptop from TechnoCycle, a family-owned electronic recycler that serves Houston and its surrounding communities. 

“We have a social responsibility to bridge this technology from corporations back into the community,” President of TechnoCycle Mike Buckles said. “We want to be a good corporate citizen in Houston, and part of that is philanthropy. We were able to fulfill our mission while giving back to our surrounding communities through donations like this one.”

Families with many different backgrounds and situations received laptops. They were chosen by parent liaisons and campus administrators based on need. 

“This donation allows our families the opportunity to stay connected to their students’ learning as well as work on things that would help better their home situation,” Coordinator for Family Engagement for the Klein Forest Family of Schools Brittany James said. “I saw that there was a need, and with the right connections, we were able to secure a new partnership that would benefit our incredible community.”

The connection between TechnoCycle and Klein ISD was Mr. Gusta Booker III, mortgage lender turned community development arm at Greater St. Matthew Church, and Loving Houston, a non-profit organization that brings schools and churches together to serve Houston communities.

“I think this turbulent time has allowed a lot of people to come together in different ways,” Mr. Booker said. “If we have a heart for the kids and the community, we’re always going to be listening to see if there may be something that we can provide, and that is what Ms. James did. She is a worthy representative of Klein ISD, and her love for her community is evident.”

This donation is just one example of how our Family Engagement team is building community and tapping into the resources they need to support families and students.

“It all goes back to the community and how everything intertwines,” Director of Family Engagement Maria Ovalle-Lopez said. “Schools cannot do this work alone – we need the students, the families, and the community to come together and what better opportunity to make that happen than to find community members like Mr. Buckles who support education and are invested in our kids.”

TechnoCycle Donation & Distribution 2020

With many families juggling Klein Online, working from home, and even learning a new language in their households, extra help with donations are always needed and appreciated.

“This donation will help us tremendously because I have four children at home and only two tablets, so they have to take turns,” Kaiser parent Blanca Alvarez said. “This will help me with scheduling and getting some of my own work done. I am so happy and overwhelmed and cannot wait to see the look on my children’s faces when they see that we have our very own laptop for us to use.”

Klein ISD school administrators strive to make their campuses a home-base, a place where students feel supported and families feel empowered. 

“Our family engagement here at Kaiser makes families realize that Kaiser is truly about every – we’re for the students, the families, and the community,” Kaiser Elementary Principal Betty Zavala said. “The ways we try to engage them is through things that we think would equip them to succeed, whether that be tips or skills to assist them in getting a job, or reading to their children at night. It might take a little bit of work, but we feel that when family and school connections are strong, our students are more successful.”

We are so grateful to TechnoCycle for this generous donation, as well as Mr. Gusta Booker III, GSM Uplift, and Loving Houston for assisting us in coordinating this wonderful gesture and important resource for our families. 

Klein ISD Family Engagement is always seeking to collaborate with the community, not only with technology but also in supporting families with valuable lessons, virtual classes, and donations of all kinds. If you or someone you know is interested in sharing your time or talents with our families, please reach out to our family engagement team by emailing Ms. Ovalle-Lopez at

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