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Meet Shannon Collins: Klein ISD Substitute Specialist

Meet Shannon Collins: Klein ISD Substitute Specialist

In celebrating National Substitute Educators Day, we sat down with Shannon Collins, the Substitute Specialist for Klein ISD, to talk about what this day means to her and her important role in the District. 

Read on to catch a glimpse of Shannon’s “day in the life” as the Substitute Specialist for Klein ISD. 


What does a typical day as the Substitute Specialist for Klein ISD look like for you?

“I work as the point-person with the campuses to help them with any substitute comments or questions that may arise. We use a program called Absence Management for the substitutes. I serve as the “help desk” for that program throughout the entire district.

I also handle the hiring of substitutes, processing of our new hires, holding new-hire classes, retaining service records, employment verification, payroll processing, and more!”


What are some of the challenges you face in your role, especially right now during uncertain times?

“This year, our biggest struggle is just finding enough subs. We want to be sure our classrooms are equipped with a great replacement if a teacher has to be out. We’re having to get creative in how we market for substitutes. We can’t do what we do if we don’t have a substitute in the classroom. 

It’s been an adjustment this year thinking outside the box on how to do the most basic of things like get all of the subs a new ID badge at the beginning of the school year to coordinating Zoom orientations rather than face-to-face orientations, but our department has done a great job making adjustments. Our department continues to focus on recruiting efforts of great people who want to join the rewarding work of substituting in our Klein ISD classrooms.” 


How would one go about becoming a Klein ISD Substitute? What does the process entail?

“We have a substitute job posting online. You can visit the employment section on the Klein website and apply to the Substitute Teacher job posting. We review applications the month following the position closing. You will be sent for fingerprints if your application is complete and references have been checked. Once fingerprinted, your application goes through a series of approvals in HR, then you get the new-hire paperwork to sign. Once that paperwork is returned, we get you set up for a Zoom orientation. We also have something called log-in day where new subs can log-in to their Klein account and get their badge. After all the steps are complete, the sub is ready to hit the classroom.”


What makes your job so rewarding for you?

“From day one I have thoroughly enjoyed my job. It’s an honor to work with a group of people who serve such a vital role in the district and to get to act as their “bridge.” The substitutes love being in Klein, so it’s fun to see them excited about the impactful part they play.”


Do you have any tips for aspiring substitute teachers?

“I think the first thing to do is to come in with your flexible hat on. No day is the same and the unexpected happens all the time. If you come in willing to go with the flow and a happy attitude it’s going to go so much better for you and everybody. I always say don’t be afraid to ask questions. There are no bad questions and you can learn so much just from asking questions.”


Huge shoutout to Substitute Specialist, Shannon Collins for all you do for our district and the students of Klein ISD. We are grateful for your service and care for the educational experience of our students. We are also incredibly thankful for our substitutes serving in Klein ISD!

Interested in becoming a substitute? Click HERE for more information on how to start the process.



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