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On-site Rapid COVID Testing Program for Employees

On-site Rapid COVID Testing Program for Employees

Dear Klein Employees,

In Klein ISD, we are committed to doing all that we can to keep staff and students healthy and safe. With this goal in mind, in collaboration with the Texas Education Agency, we are pleased to share that we will be taking part in a statewide program offering free rapid COVID-19 testing at the Klein Multipurpose Center for employees.  

This program uses BinaxNOW tests, which provide results in 15 minutes and are administered using a nasal swab in the front area of the nostril. These tests have been shown to be highly accurate, with accuracy rates of 97-98% for symptomatic individuals.


Who will be tested and when?

Rapid testing will be available for all employees who have health symptoms that are unusual for them, also known as being symptomatic; it is for those people who do not pass the daily health check because of unusual symptoms. 

If you have been classified as a close contact of a positive case and you have no symptoms, this test may not benefit you because it is designed for individuals who have symptoms that are unusual for them.  However, you are still eligible to receive the test, but a negative result will not end your 14-day quarantine any sooner.  

Drive-thru testing will be available at the Klein Multipurpose Center from 10:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. weekdays. Signage will direct you to the exact location.

What steps are required to be tested?

Employees who cannot attend work, or need to leave work, due to unusual illness, should submit a report to  A Klein ISD contact tracer will call the employee and schedule a testing appointment if it is recommended or needed. 

When you report to the KMPC, you will need your employee identification badge since tests are only available to Klein ISD employees.

Klein ISD Health Services staff will administer the tests and deliver the results to you in about 15 minutes while you wait at KMPC.  You will then receive a text message/ phone call and email from with a copy of the result. The results will be shared with the local health department to allow for public health reporting,  contact tracing, and to determine the stay-at-home period for staff who test positive. Additionally,  all test results will be shared with the Texas Department of State Health Services as is required by law.

What happens after I receive my test results?

If you test positive, this means you have COVID-19 antigens in your system, you need to stay home and it is recommended you contact your healthcare provider.  The Health Services team will provide you with a return to work date and information on isolating yourself from others. 

The amount of traceable COVID-19 can vary in a person’s body, so If you test negative, you will be advised to visit your healthcare provider or obtain a PCR COVID-19 test.   As before, a negative rapid test does not clear you for return to work, and you will still be required to quarantine.  


If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Health Reporting at 832-249-4771 or 832-249-4775. You can also contact the Director of Health Services, Ms. Yvonne Clarke, or call 832-249-4209.

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