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Blackshear Elementary Awarded $10,000 for Sensory Paths Grant

Blackshear Elementary Awarded $10,000 for Sensory Paths Grant

The Klein ISD Education Foundation, community members, and Superintendent Dr. Jenny McGown masked-up and climbed aboard the Celebration Express on December 10 and delivered large checks to grant recipients across the district. 

The Klein ISD Education Foundation accepts grant applications twice a year to encourage, facilitate, and recognize creative projects that lead to academic achievement for our Klein ISD students. 

Blackshear Elementary will use its $10,100 grant sponsored by Campus Kids L.L.C. to make a difference in the classroom. 

Blackshear Counselors and Behavior Action Team have made great strides in implementing Restorative Practices that have had a profound impact on the school. Relationships between students and between staff/students have strengthened, resulting in decreased behavior issues and increased trust. 

But while this trust has enabled students to share more with their teachers, it has also made teachers more acutely aware of the impact that trauma has had on a large percentage of their students. Divorce, abuse, and other specific family concerns are heavy burdens for students to carry.

One proven method of helping students refocus and deal with some of the issues in their lives is Sensory Paths. Unfortunately, traditional sensory paths have not been an option at Blackshear due to the school’s carpeted hallways. However, MagixFloor is a way around that! Utilizing a white rubber floor mat, MagixFloor consists of an interactive projector that would be installed in Blackshear’s current motor lab. The sensory mat will be available to all students, including those in the school’s special programs, as well as those who need a movement break due to social, emotional, or academic reasons. 

“Campus Kids and the many additional sponsors that helped make this round of grants a success are to be complimented. Even during the hard times of Covid, these sponsors continued to come through with funds to help support the Education Foundation. We, in Klein ISD, continue to be blessed,” Foundation President Bill Lakin said.

We are so grateful and proud to live and work in a district with a resource like the Klein ISD Education Foundation that supports our educators, who are continually challenging the norm and disrupting the status quo. 

This fall, the Celebration Express delivered grants totaling $90,090 that will bring education to life for our learners. From a research and observation garden to WT2 translator earbuds, our Fall 2020 grant recipients are innovative, engaging, and inspirational.

Thank you so much to all our grant sponsors who made all this possible. Your giving contribution will help further the educational experience of every Klein ISD student. 



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