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Klein Cain Student Awarded Full-Ride Ivy League College Scholarship

Klein Cain Student Awarded Full-Ride Ivy League College Scholarship

Klein Cain senior Zuriyah Logan was named a Match Scholarship recipient from QuestBridge, a national program that connects high-achieving high school seniors with full four-year scholarships to the nation’s top colleges. 

Out of over 18,500 applicants and 1,464 finalists, Zuriyah was matched with Dartmouth College, an Ivy League university located in New Hampshire. She will attend Dartmouth next fall with a generous financial aid package provided by the college that covers the full cost of attendance, including tuition, room and board, books and supplies, and travel expenses.

“I’m ecstatic to be admitted to Dartmouth College with a Questbridge National College Match Scholarship!” Logan said. “I dreamed of attending my first choice school ever since 6th grade. The vision for my future was clear, but the path to achieve it wasn’t easy. This opportunity resulted from studying long hours, completing advanced courses, serving in the community and pursuing excellence with all my energy.”

Zuriyah’s determination to succeed was evident to everyone around her.

“Zuriyah’s match with the Questbridge Scholarship at Dartmouth is a testament to the passion she has to learn and grow and her intellectual spark that will ignite an amazing future for her,” Klein Cain Principal Nicole Patin said.  “Zuriyah is an intelligent, self-motivated and determined young lady who exhibits strength, perseverance and grit. She has worked so hard for this honor and I am so very proud of her!”

With guidance from EMERGE, a college-access organization that serves students in Klein ISD among other districts, Zuriyah is now able to successfully continue on her educational journey.

“Supporting Zuri and her family through the hefty QuestBridge application process has been a pleasure!” EMERGE Academic Program Manager Janet Nieto said. “We are so proud of her and we know that she will continue to thrive at Dartmouth.”

With all the right support systems, incredible students, like Zuriyah, are able to truly leave Klein ISD with confidence in pursuing their purpose. 

“We have so many brilliant, young minds in Klein ISD and we are so thankful for our teachers, staff, and partners like EMERGE, who serve our students and assist them in achieving their academic goals, both in Klein ISD and beyond,” Klein ISD Superintendent Dr. Jenny McGown said. “We are in awe of Zuriyah and her dedication to excellence and education. We cannot wait to see all she will accomplish during her time at Dartmouth.”

For Zuriyah, there were a few key people who have played a part in her success up to this point.

“My family encouraged me during the super stressful times to just keep pushing,” Zuriyah said. “My second family, EMERGE, was instrumental in helping me navigate the college application process. I am grateful to HOSA for developing my passion for medicine. I received incredible support from my Klein Cain teachers and amazing counselor. I’m so excited to see the next chapter of my story unfold at Dartmouth College.”

Congratulations, Zuriyah! Your Klein Family is so proud and excited for you to follow your dreams at Dartmouth!

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