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Beth Gilleland Named Alumni of the Month for January

Beth Gilleland Named Alumni of the Month for January

Elizabeth “Beth” Gilleland has been selected as the outstanding Klein ISD Alumni of the Month for January. 

Beth is a testament to the tradition of excellence in Klein ISD. She is a proud graduate of Klein Forest High school after attending Greenwood Forest Elementary and Wunderlich Intermediate School. She participated in Band and was on the editorial staff of the Klein Forest Pinnacle

“I was blessed to attend Greenwood Forest, Wunderlich, and Klein Forest High School during my years as a student in Klein ISD,” Gilleland said, “and there were so many teachers, administrators, and counselors who took such wonderful care of students and shared excitement and passion for learning that I couldn’t help but fall in love with education.” 

After graduating from Klein Forest, she pursued higher education at Texas A&M University and Stephen F. Austin State University.  Beth went on to earn her Master’s Degree in Secondary Education from Stephen F. Austin State University.  She also earned a Counseling Certification, and recently, an Ed.S. degree (Educational Specialist in Organizational Leadership and Higher Education). 

After earning her undergraduate degree, Beth began her career in Klein ISD as a Business Education teacher at Klein High School in 1988, where she taught until 2007. In addition to teaching, Beth has served as a counselor, 2nd Chance Program Coordinator, and Instructional Officer for Counseling before becoming the Executive Director of College and Career Pathways in Klein ISD.  

“Working as the Executive Director of College and Career Pathways has been a dream come true. This has been such an amazing opportunity to build student and family experiences through the collaborative work of the College and Careers Pathways team,” Gilleland said. 

Since becoming an administrator in Klein ISD, Beth has continued her commitment to giving back to the entire Klein ISD community. She has been named an Employee of the Year and honored with the Superintendents Initiative Award for her efforts in responding to the needs of the Klein Family during the Tax Day Floods of 2016. 

Beth has a long history in the Klein Family and was raised in the area by her parents, John and June Gilleland, who have since passed away, but dearly loved the Klein ISD community. Beth’s father John served our Klein Family as a School Board member from 1974 to 1987. She grew up with her brother Greg who married her sister-in-law Kelly, and she is the proud aunt of her niece Taylor and nephews Andy, Bryson, and Benjamin.

Klein ISD is incredibly fortunate to continue to benefit from alumni and current leader Beth Gilleland, as her passion and fierce support of researching pathways brings many opportunities for our students to pursue their purpose while building student and family opportunities collectively through many departments within our district. Her wisdom, dedication, and excellent upbringing in Klein ISD schools are making a big impact in our Klein Family. 

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