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Meet Angie Mentz: Klein ISD Graduation Completion Specialist & Volunteer Mentor Program Coordinator

Meet Angie Mentz: Klein ISD Graduation Completion Specialist & Volunteer Mentor Program Coordinator

For this month’s Klein Profile, we sat down with Angie Mentz, Graduation Completion Specialist & Volunteer Mentor Program Coordinator, to get to know more about her and the important role she plays in the District. 

Read on to catch a glimpse of Angie’s “day in the life” in her important roles for Klein ISD.


Can you elaborate on the importance of your department and how it benefits our students?

“I work in the Counseling and Whole Student Wellness department. The social-emotional and academic needs of the students are our main focus. Research shows that the more present and engaged a student is, the better their academics will be. Our department and district is really dedicated to focusing on the whole student and making sure all the bases of whole student wellness are covered.”


What does your “day-in-the-life” look like in your role with Klein ISD?

“I have a multi-faceted role under Graduation Completion. I’m basically the drop-out prevention and intervention support representative for the district. In that role, I oversee our graduation advisors and counselors on each of our high school campuses. On any given day, I’m working with them. This work includes looking at data and student attendance records to determine what resources we can provide to assist a student who might need extra assistance with graduation completion and success beyond.  


What are some of the challenges you encounter in your role? Especially during uncertain times?

“This year’s specific challenge has been not being able to secure new volunteer mentors because they are limited to go face-to-face on our campuses. We’ve been creative in our efforts, though. We’ve been able to modify what we’re doing- the existing mentors have been writing back and forth with counselors, some through email as well. The counselors act as the liaison between the volunteer mentor and the student. We’ve been able to maintain our student relationships in that way which has been really good.”


How does one become a Klein ISD Volunteer Mentor and get involved with the program?

“After a potential mentor shows interest in the program, they have to go to a district training session. The next step is for the mentor to complete a profile form indicating the mentor’s grade level. I give counselors the profile form, and the prospective mentor waits to get matched with a student. The mentor is expected to meet with their student once a week for 30-40 minutes. The counselor is always in touch with the mentor and monitors the relationship between the mentor and student. Word of Mouth is sometimes the best way to recruit new volunteer mentors because to hear from someone else on how the reward for mentoring was so great leaves a huge impact. It’s an investment of time for both the mentor and student, and sometimes lives are changed.”


Do you have anything else to add?

“We’ve grown our mentor partnerships with faith-based organizations. We’ve had bigger churches share their mentoring experience with smaller ones in efforts to recruit more mentors. I found that churches in this area do mission work, food banks, and clothing drives already, so they are willing to serve the community. We have about 20 churches in the district for mentoring.”


Huge shoutout to Angie Mentz for all you do for our district and the students of Klein ISD. We are grateful for your service and care for the educational experience and whole student wellness of our students. We are also incredibly thankful for our volunteer mentors serving in Klein ISD!

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer mentor? Click HERE for more information on how to start the process.


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