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Lemm Elementary Hosts Neighbor District for Renovation Tour

Lemm Elementary Hosts Neighbor District for Renovation Tour

Klein ISD has a long tradition of innovation and excellence in our classrooms, fine arts and athletics.  That tradition of innovation extends to our buildings and facilities as well.  

In 2017 Lemm Elementary was completely flooded during Hurricane Harvey. Lemm students and staff were moved to a wing of the newly opened Klein Cain High School for the remainder of the 2017-2018 school year. Then the district quickly went to work in efforts to bring Lemm Elementary back to the heart of the community. 

From the moment the floodwaters receded, we began this urgent work with the restoration contractors, architects, engineers, insurance agents, FEMA, fire marshal, Harris County Flood Control personnel, permitting agents, and more to ensure that Lemm was able to reopen its doors and welcome families, students, and staff back home in Fall 2018.

Klein ISD was able to seize an opportunity to renovate a 37-year-old building and transform it into a beautiful, state-of-the-art campus for students. Many individuals went above and beyond throughout the entire process for Klein ISD, helping to create a safe, beautiful new learning space for Lemm students, educators, and families who had been through so much heartache during Hurricane Harvey.

Today, other districts are looking to Klein ISD to see how the newly renovated learning environments have positively impacted students and staff. Klein ISD district leadership and representatives from PBK Inc. and Jasper ISD met earlier this month for an intimate look inside the recently renovated Lemm Elementary. 

Larry Whitehead, Klein ISD Interim Deputy Superintendent, Robert Robertson, Associate Superintendent Facility & School Services, and Adam Tietze, Lemm Elementary Principal, led the tour and were eager to give the East Texas school district a look inside our cherished elementary school.

Lemm Elementary Tour

“It is hard to put into words how rewarding it is to see the efforts of Klein ISD positively impact students,” said Ian Powell, PBK Managing Partner. “This tour has been an inspirational reminder to keep investing in schools. We don’t know what will come out of this renovation long-term, but we know it is sure to cause transformation throughout the district because of seeing this project accomplished.”

With restoration efforts by ICI Construction and expert direction from Klein ISD, the Lemm Elementary renovation was completed in record-time and with new innovative state-of-the-art features to further enhance the learning experience of each Lemm student and staff member.

Some of these new features include ample natural lighting via solar tubes and windows, expansive and flexible collaboration spaces, garage-style classroom doors for more space, creative makerspaces, new security measures, and a beautifully refurbished stage. 

The excitement could be felt in the air as tour participants ventured down the Lemm hallways. At the beginning of the tour, Jasper ISD representatives were informed of the flooding and devastation Lemm experienced as a result of Hurricane Harvey. To see the transformation of the school was an incredibly moving and motivating experience for everyone in attendance. 

“It’s a great joy to be able to share the amazing school we’ve built and be able to provide feedback to other districts looking to do the same type of renovation,” said Tietze. “The look on the faces of both students and staff after we first reopened was very much like the excitement on Christmas morning.”

2015 Bond Building Program, which was overwhelmingly approved by over 75% of the Klein ISD community made this project possible. 


Klein ISD is AAA in Academics, Arts, and Athletics.

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Klein ISD has an established 84-year history of excellence and innovation in education with unique pathways for EVERY student in our care to ensure learners are college, career, military, and life ready. With recognition for STEM, athletics, fine arts, and academics from highly-esteemed organizations, it is clear that Our Shared Vision of every student entering with a promise and exiting with a purpose is a reality for EVERY student who walks through our doors.

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