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Passionate Principals: Shape Campus Culture with Mittelstadt Elementary Principal Julie Shumake

Passionate Principals: Shape Campus Culture with Mittelstadt Elementary Principal Julie Shumake

Klein ISD is celebrating National Principals Month! 

As part of our celebration, we are highlighting just a few of the many awesome principals we are so fortunate to have in our Klein Family. Without a doubt, these campus leaders all have unique skill sets that set them apart and make their campuses great places for student success. 

Our first highlight is of a principal whose campus (and all who are in it!) stands out for being a positive, inviting place to be. 

Warm smiles, friendly greetings, and helping hands are sure to surround you the moment you step into Mittelstadt Elementary. When it comes to building a team that is joyful, upbeat, and ready to teach, Principal Julie Shumake seems to have the key. 

“Campus culture is everything!” said Julie. “I want every person on my campus to know that they are loved and valued. A positive campus culture ensures that everyone is working together to provide the very best educational opportunities for all of our students.”

When asked about how the past three years as Mittelstadt’s principal has been for her, Julie beamed. 

“This position is so much more than a job,” said Julie. “I love these people, and I work hard to show them that. As students, they can do and be anything that they choose, and, as educators, they are amazing people who are leaving a wonderful legacy. Being at Mittelstadt has reinforced my belief that public education is the best thing around. I am so grateful to be a part of this school.”

Julie’s ability to make her school feel like a second home that brings people together is only one of her many talents as a leader in Klein ISD. The entire Mittelstadt campus and community is so lucky they get to experience Julie’s enthusiasm, joy, and love for education and kids! Happy National Principals Month, Julie!

Curious about her tips and tricks for boosting campus culture? No worries, she provided us with a list to share with you! 

Boost Your Campus Culture 

(courtesy of Julie Shumake, Mittelstadt Elementary Principal)

Celebrate everything! Celebrate the big stuff and the little stuff.

Give credit where credit is due. Even if the idea was mostly my idea, I publicly give credit and thank the people involved.

Be visible on campus. I say good morning to everyone by walking the campus every day, saying hello, and checking in. I have lunch duty.

Check-in with staff. Know them. Check on them. Follow up with how they are doing (includes family, too).

Keep expectations high while consistently telling staff that they are capable, that they are that awesome, and that I believe in them.

Write staff members a sincere, personal note. Send birthday cards. Love in action – Do things that show the staff that they are loved and appreciated.

Listen. Be a good listener. 

Own your mistakes, and apologize when needed. This really helps people to take risks and to fail forward. I always let everyone know that I am not perfect and that I am learning every day.

Admin team is fair and consistent. Staff are treated fairly. Principal and APs are on the same page.

Work just as hard as your staff.

Never forget what it’s like to be a teacher.

Identify teacher leaders and allow them to lead change on campus.

Have fun! Fill your halls with laughter. Buy the treats. Give the jean passes.

Don’t be afraid to admit that the teachers had a better idea than the admin did.

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