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Teacher Feature – Natalie Bielamowicz

Teacher Feature – Natalie Bielamowicz

In her 17th year of teaching, 5th-grade Fox Elementary teacher Ms. Natalie Bielamowicz says the most impactful thing that has influenced her career is the realization that she has the power to be an influencer every day when they walk through her classroom door. 

“It is my job to build my students up and never tear them down, and I do not take this job lightly,” Ms. Bielamowicz said. “My classroom is a safe and positive place for my students to be. A place where mistakes are honored and success is celebrated. It is such a humbling experience knowing that what I do now with my students will have a lifelong impact on them.”

Ms. Bielamowicz knew she wanted to be a teacher from a young age, thanks to the educators in her family.

“Educators are in my gene pool,” Ms. Bielamowicz said. “I knew once I started substitute teaching in college that I had found my calling. I loved the interaction with the students and their eagerness to learn.” 

Over the years, Ms. Bielamowicz has come up with a variety of learning approaches. Her favorite is the Absorbency Lab. In the lab, students learn about which product is the most absorbent. This lab helps teach the CER (claim, evidence, and reasoning) process, collaboration, and bringing real-life problems into the classroom. 

“They crack me up when I first pulled out diapers as a product,” Ms. Bielamowicz said. “They were grossed out but so excited about exploring the process and inquiry of the lab.. It’s so funny because I have all my former students come back and ask me if we have done ‘The Diaper Lab’. 

When not at school supporting students and coming up with fun lesson plans that make real-life connections, Ms. Bielamowicz spends time outdoors at her family farm in Waller, Texas.

Teachers like Ms. Bielamowicz are part of why classrooms in Klein ISD are places of exploration, expanding knowledge, and a love of learning. Read more spotlights on our educators across the district by searching Teacher Features at

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