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Kuehnle Elementary School Awarded $10,000 ‘Koala Calming Cave’ Grant

Kuehnle Elementary School Awarded $10,000 ‘Koala Calming Cave’ Grant

Kuehnle Elementary School received a generous $10,000 ‘Lead the Spark’ grant which will allow learners a safe space on campus to process emotions and grow their emotional intelligence.

During a surprise visit by the Klein ISD Education Foundation Celebration Express, the schools were awarded the grant by foundation directors, community members, and Klein ISD Superintendent Dr. Jenny McGown. School staff were overjoyed as dozens of foundation supporters climbed out of their school bus and delivered large checks to grant recipients.

The grant will fund the Koala Calming Cave which will be a place to provide prevention and intervention services to ALL Kuehnle  students, enabling them to showcase traits of the Profile of a Klein ISD Learner. The Koala Calming Cave will involve instructing EVERY student in skills to manage their emotions, establish and maintain positive relationships, and engage in responsible decision-making. The room will provide a controlled educational environment to increase student ownership related to managing emotions while reducing feelings of isolation.

“I recently read a leadership piece that highlighted a key component of individual success is being able to ‘manage your calm’. What better way can we help our students, and at such an early stage, than to fund the Koala Calming Cave grant?” said Bill Lakin, Klein Education Foundation President. “Being able to de-stress is essential in maintaining composure which leads to rational thinking and more. Congratulations to Kuehnle Elementary School for providing a great foundation for success to all of their students!”

This fall, the Celebration Express delivered grants totaling $69,469 to bring education to life for our learners. From a 2D-3D Visual Art field day event to curated literacy trails, our Fall 2021 grant recipients are innovative, engaging, and inspirational. 

Thank you so much to all our grant sponsors who made all this possible. Your giving contribution will help further the educational experience of every Klein ISD student. 

The Klein ISD Education Foundation accepts grant applications twice a year to encourage, facilitate, and recognize creative projects that lead to academic achievement for our Klein ISD students. 

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