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Teacher Feature: Evangeline Mitchell, Klein High School

Teacher Feature: Evangeline Mitchell, Klein High School

Klein High School history teacher and team lead Ms. Evangeline Mitchell is a phenomenal educator who brings something new and exciting to her history classes. This Klein ISD alumna knows her “why” and is passionate about making history “come alive” for her students. 

Ms. Mitchell is known for her excellence in teaching and the innovative ways she designs and develops new and eventful methods to make history applicable and engaging for her students. Throughout the year, Ms. Mitchell enjoys using Klein High’s Large Group Instruction (LGI) space as a location for her highly interactive lessons. 

“I love that we have an LGI room and that we’re able to transform it into different places to take students,” said Ms. Mitchell. “We did a Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire simulation earlier this year where the students made it look like they had gone in to put out a fire. The students had to investigate the fire, and they loved it!”

Ms. Mitchell has been the recipient of many grants throughout her time in Klein ISD. She has received 15 grants during her teaching career, with five won during her time with Klein ISD.

“This is the second year I was awarded the Texas Counsel for the Social Studies Mini-Stalwart grant,” said Ms. Mitchell. “This grant is crucial as it helps us add resources to the classroom and create experiences for students to make history fun and interactive.” 

When asked about her decision to become a teacher, Ms. Mitchell said she always knew it was the only path for her. After attending Nitsch Elementary, Klein Intermediate, and Klein Forest High School, she knew she wanted to give back to Klein by equipping and enriching the lives of the next generation.

“From the time I was young I was always teaching in some form or another,” said Ms. Mitchell. “I also had some really good teachers that pushed me along the way and inspired me to continue on that path.”

Ms. Mitchell was happy to share her ultimate takeaway for this school year—that students are worth “whatever it takes.”

“I started my teaching career at the intermediate level and switched to high school, so I’ve been fortunate to see a lot of my students grow up over the years. I’ve been able to see the results of those students’ successes because I taught them in eighth grade US history, and then I taught them in 11th grade US history,” said Ms. Mitchell. “It’s been rewarding to watch them do well and pass the EOC. Ultimately, students are worth whatever it takes. My goal for each year is to make sure that they get exactly what they need.”

Thank you, Ms. Mitchell, for your dedication and drive. We are grateful for the time and energy you put into instilling a love of history and education in the students of Klein High School.


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