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Celebrate CTE Month: Meet Amy Culberson, CTE Counselor

Celebrate CTE Month: Meet Amy Culberson, CTE Counselor

In recognition and celebration of National Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month, we sat down with Ms. Amy Culberson, CTE Counselor at Klein Forest High School, to get to know her, learn about her department, and the important role she plays in the district. 

Did you know Klein ISD has at least one CTE Counselor in each of its five high schools? They consistently contribute towards the mission of preparing our wonderful students to exit with their purpose and we are so grateful!

Read on to catch a glimpse of Ms. Culberson’s “day in the life” in her important role in Klein ISD. 

Can you elaborate on the importance of CTE month and how it serves our students for the better?

“CTE month is an opportunity to showcase our CTE programs, course selection process, and help students choose what they want to do for their future. We’re able to highlight specific programs through diverse activities and kickstart the process of helping students think about where they want to be in the next six to eight years.”

 How do CTE classes make a difference in the lives of our students?

“I was walking the halls near Automotive Technology and heard one of our students say ‘this is where you become a man.’ I chuckled at first, then thought to myself ‘he’s right’- this isn’t necessarily where you learn to become a man, but an adult. Here in CTE we expose students to real-world situations where students can earn certifications and work in technical fields while in high school and beyond.”

What does your ‘typical’ work day look like?

“First, we’re here to serve students, teachers, and parents since they definitely drive our day. There are certain times of the year where we have tight deadlines, especially surrounding course selection. During this time, I’m talking to students about grades, attendance, and their career passions. Being in CTE is different as well because teachers will come and seek support from us on challenges surrounding student performance. We are also liaisons for the district and will many times work with colleges and community organizations.”

What is your favorite part of being a CTE counselor? 

“I love sitting down with students to help them realize what they’re passionate about when choosing a career. I love being our students’ cheerleader and attending their various competitions and activities. I also love working as the ‘go between’ in helping our students get jobs. People call us all the time and inform us of job postings our students could fill.”

What makes your job so rewarding for you?

“Seeing our students become successful, learn a new skill, and be able to apply it to the real world. It’s also a joy to have students come back and talk to our other students about CTE and how it helped shape their career. I love seeing our students grow throughout their time at Klein Forest and to witness them living out their purpose with passion is so rewarding.”

If a student or parent wanted more information on CTE classes, how could they get that? Steps to get started?

“We always direct students to the pathway website. The website has the graduation pathways and under each pathway it directs to business and industry. We also have our accelerated college pathways where you can find all of the associate’s degrees we offer in the district and what campus they’re located at. 

We will also go over and present to our eighth graders and help them choose a pathway. The CTE department has also recently purchased a program called Virtual Job Shadow. All of our CTE teachers use this program in the classroom and it helps students research different careers based on what they are interested in. It allows them to look at pros and cons of the career, the job outlook in Texas, and required education.”

Happy CTE Month! Be sure to thank a CTE Counselor! Huge shoutout to Ms. Amy Culberson for all you do for our district and the students of Klein Forest High School. We are also incredibly thankful for each of our CTE counselors serving across the five Klein ISD high schools!


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